Favorite Books - Different Covers

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Favorite Books - Different Covers

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:10 pm

Amy just received a copy of a book and it's a favorite book of mine and I was so delighted she got it! Thing is, she showed me a picture of what she got and it has a different cover than what my book has!

This is the cover of the book she received

My book has this cover

I'm so tempted to get that book, the edition that she has, just to have the cover. Why? Because it so clearly, and accurately, illustrates a key part of the story.

Anyone have any books that they have in their own library and found out that the book is reissued and has another cover that you either love (or despise)? Do you get that other book just for the cover (if you love it)? Do you sneer at the 'new' cover and appreciate what you have if you really detest that new cover? Or do you just notice that they are different and go on your way?

Show us books that you have, and the cover you love (or the cover you despise but it was the only thing available so you got it anyway) and what other options there are. Say why you like (or despise) them if you want. If showing us pictures, please remember to keep your graphics to 600 x 600 or less! Thank you.
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