September Prompt: In Order

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September Prompt: In Order

Post by Sky Alton » Sat Sep 01, 2018 1:52 pm

If you’ve dotted the Is and crossed the Ts, then you may do whatever you please
-Order of the Phoenix

It’s the start of term and classes are getting underway. Whether you make yourself a little list, exist in a state of orderly chaos or resort to a rather supercilious enchanted homework planner, that means a whole lot of organising to do to make sure you get everything done on time.

To get you in the right mind-set, I’d like you to write me a story (200 words or more) about someone getting organised. It could be an event they’re trying to pull off, a mess they’re trying to clear up or even just an attempt to stack the dish washer properly. You could get especially creative and tell your story through lists, schedules or notes-to-self. Anything you can think of!

You’ll earn 20 beans for completing this prompt as well as it counting towards the chance to snag our shiny Quill and Ink award.

There is no deadline as such for these prompts but if you’d like it to count towards your chance of earning the award for a specific year, we’ll need it by the end of that school year. If you’re comfortable sharing, then post below. If not, email your story to us via hol.bookclub @ (without the spaces). Oh and remember it’s a good idea to check through your piece carefully for spelling and grammatical errors as they make it harder for people to properly enjoy your work.
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Re: September Prompt: In Order

Post by Iverian Gnash » Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:42 pm

Ah, the backpack. Such a great spot to dump everything I need to get out of the way. Unfortunately, it's also the thing that I have to carry around all day. So, in order to get this backpack in order and have it all cleaned up and nice looking (not to mention quite a bit lighter than usual), I have made myself a list that should help to organize everything.

1. Locate backpack
No problem, it should be in my closet where it's supposed to be. *looks in closet* Hmm, never mind. *asks pet cockatiel where the backpack is ^_^ then searches room* Where did I have it last? I distinctly remember it being in my closet.... two weeks ago. Ok, not helpful. I shall now hire a sibling's assistance to locate said backpack. *brother walks in and looks under the bed* "Here it is, you left it next to your bed and I shoved it under while locating your tablet the other day." Ok... I didn't know he had used my tablet. That explains why my lock and home screen was changed. Alrighty, next step.

2. Dump everything from backpack carefully onto the floor.
*grabs the bag and takes all electronics out before shaking it rigorously onto the ground* I watch as an assortment of candy and nut wrappers fall out including... ha! my notes from last class. I'd been looking for those.

3. Sort through the mess and divide it into three piles: to be thrown out, to be placed somewhere else, and to go back into my backpack.
No problem. I look at the mess on the ground. I sort through and put all the wrappers in one pile. Next, I stare at each crumbled up piece of paper to ensure that the notes are not important. Trying to decipher what in the world, I wrote on each one, I finally end up throwing them all out cause I can't understand my handwriting :P Finally, I have three piles.

4. Take care of each pile and put it where it belongs except for the stuff that goes back into the backpack.
I finish this step rather quickly.

5. Put the stuff that goes back into the backpack into a pocket where it would fit nicely and stay organized.
This takes a little longer trying to figure out where everything would reasonably go.

6. Put backpack back where it should go.
*shoves bag under bed*

Next day of school arrives: ah, my backpack should be much lighter now if only I could find it...

I just remembered this hilarious joke that has to do with cleaning up your room, therefore, getting organized which I think should be shared. I saw this online somewhere; I think it's from a movie, so enlighten me if it is.

Dad to son: Go clean your room, guests are coming over.
Son to dad: Hmm, I didn't realize the party was going to be held... in my bedroom
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