March Word Crawl: Goblet of Fire

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March Word Crawl: Goblet of Fire

Postby Sky Alton » Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:02 pm

Welcome to the March Word Crawl!
Don’t know what a crawl is? No problem! I’ve given you a run-down of everything you need here
In short though, it’s like a writing board game: you write from one instruction to the next to create a story of 300 words or more and it can be about absolutely anything (you don’t have to stick to the Harry Potter theme in any way).
If you’d like to share your story, you’ll earn 20 beans and it will count towards your chance of earning one of our shiny quill and ink awards. You can post it below or if you’re uncomfortable sharing publically but would still like it to count, you can email it to us at hol.bookclub @ (without spaces) with the subject line Crawl-Month-HOL ID. There is no deadline, though if you want to scoop that award, we’ll need it by the end of the school year.

Greetings Hol Champion and welcome to the Triwizard Tournament! The writing blocks are longer this time as an endurance test and I’ve included some silly challenges to spice things up. Are you ready for the three gruelling tasks that lie ahead? Then let’s go!

First task
You enter the ring to face down a terrifying beast: the storyland Longtale. You must retrieve one of the golden, book shaped eggs it guards.
*right 50 words while you try to trick the dragon off her nest*

Ouch! The dragon has caught you a painful blow on your arm with one of her pencil shaped spikes!
*Write another 50 words with only one hand* (If you’re writing one handed already, try using the other one)

Second Task
Having gotten over your dragon inflicted injuries and decoded the clue in the book shaped egg (isn’t reading in the bath relaxing?), you’re ready to dive into the lake.
*Write 50 words as you descend to the Mermaid settlement to retrieve your hostage*

Time is running out! According to the beautiful choral arrangement, you’d better get a move on back to the surface.
*See how many words you can write while holding your breath, then write normally until you’ve got 50*

Task Three
Somehow, you’ve survived nearly being flambéed and a close encounter with drowning. Now there’s just the maze to navigate. Point Me spells at the ready!
*get yourself a compass (or just estimate) and try writing 25 words facing each of the cardinal points. See if the change of view helps or hinders you when writing*

Raise the trophy high for everyone to see!
*Share it with us and let us know if you attempted any of the challenges*
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