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Word Crawl FAQ

Post by Sky Alton » Fri Dec 02, 2016 4:29 pm

Welcome to ‘Word Crawls, why and wherefore’-a quick FAQ for Quill and Ink's new regular activity.

What’s a Word Crawl?
Glad you asked. A word crawl is just a fun activity to stir up creativity and perhaps even overcome writers block.

What Happens?
The crawl will give you a series of instructions about how many words to write to get to the next stage where you’ll be given another number. Think of it as a writing board game, almost. By the end of it, you should have a story of 300 words (or more if you’re keen and feel like doubling some of the targets).

Do I have to write a story about the theme of the crawl?
Absolutely not. Write whatever idea pops into your head. Just because the word crawl is based on Harry Potter doesn’t mean we expect your story to be. Of course, you can take the theme and run with it if you choose but it’s only there for fun.

What are these bonuses in brackets?
Again, they’re just for fun. I don’t really expect you to write while on one leg but if you want to give it a try, go ahead. (Play safe and Put some pillows down first though or Prof. Amy will set a skrewt on me)

How do I submit my story?
To start with, I’m offering you a choice. If you’re happy to share your story, you can post it on the thread of the specific crawl. If you’d rather not share it publically but still want to be counted, email it to me at hol.bookclub @ gmail.com (with the spaces removed) with the subject line Crawl-Month-HOL ID

Is there a deadline?
I will count crawls submitted at any point.

Do I have to share my story?
Nope. If you’d like to use the crawls as a personal resource to get you writing without showing it to me, that’s fine. You could even use them to help you write a homework assignment or something else - they're only there to make writing a bit more interesting.

If I share it, do I earn anything?
Yes. You can earn 20 beans per crawl completed and have them count towards your completed prompts total, increasing your chances of making it to seven and scooping an award.

Does this mean you won’t be posting other kinds of writing prompts anymore?
No. There will be monthly writing prompts as usual, with a new crawl going up every two months to provide some variety.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
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