Prompt 2: Book Allusions

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Prompt 2: Book Allusions

Post by Prof. Amy Lupin » Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:36 am

Inspired by mention of The Pinslinger and The Man with the Golden Pin in Good Omens, we would like you to take the title of a book of your choice, change one word in it, and write a short story of at least 200 words based on the new title.

Here are some suggestions of book titles to get you started, but feel free to use a different one (although please bear in mind that they need to be HOL-appropriate):
  • Daughter of the Forest
  • The Eye of the World
  • The Magician's Apprentice
  • The Name of the Wind
  • The Secret Garden

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Re: Prompt 2: Book Allusions

Post by Arianna Stonewater » Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:07 am

Originally "Through the Looking-Glass" I give you "Where's the Looking-Glass"

Sabrina shoved aside the clothes in the closet. Shining her flashlight in, she peered at the blank wall. it's not here either! Where could it possibly be?? Finished with the bedroom, Sabrina headed to the guest room to find Lyron napping in a chair.

"LYRON! Wake up! We'll never find it before Clarissa arrives if you nap!"

"Sabrinaaaaaaaaaa.....we've been looking all day! I'm not even sure I remember what we're looking for!"

"We're looking for the looking-glass Clarissa spotted at the fair! Remember, she wouldn't buy it for herself because it was so expensive? And we secretly went back and bought it for her birthday? REMEMBER?"

"I think I remember....what did we wrapped it in?"

"The sparkly purple wrapping paper; it was the only paper wide enough for it. Suzie picked it out?"

"OH YEAH. Um....ok, but...well, don't be mad....but I think I know where it is."

"Mad? Why would I be mad? That's great! Where is it?

"Well....that's the thing....I remember seeing you put it under the bed here in the guest room and thinking that was a silly place to put it; if she didn't find it while vacuuming she would find it the next time she looks for wear Scruffy hid her slippers. That dog hides them at least once a week. So I figured I would hide it somewhere safe...."

Gritting her teeth, Sabrina said "OK. Where. did. you. put. it.?"

"Well, I thought about it, and it came to me; where is the one place Clarissa never looks?"

"I don't know, where?"

"In the trunk of her car!"

"Oh Lyron, you didn't!"

"I'm afraid I did. She NEVER goes in there, and she only drives the car to the grocery store once a week, and she puts the bags in the back seat so i thought it'd be safe!"

"Well, let's hope she's a creature of habit and doesn't decide this once to put things in the trunk. When she gets home, I'll distract her in the kitchen while you get it out of there!" Just then, they heard a car pulling up. "That's her. Let's go. Don't let her see it!"

They both headed downstairs and out the door to the garage. Sabrina waved as Clarissa turned the car off. "Welcome home! Need some help carrying things in?" Peering in the back seat, Sabrina gave a sigh of relief. "Lots of bags here in the back seat! Tell you what, you go inside and we'll bring everything in for you to put away, that way you don't have to keep trucking back and forth!"

Clarissa eyed Sabrina and Lyron suspiciously, "That's.....sweet....of you. Alright. Just hand me my purse from the front seat and I'll go in."

Lyron handed her the purse and then started getting bags gathered up in the back seat. As soon as she was gone, he rushed to the trunk and opened it. "It's still here!" He pulled it out and threw a tarp over it. "Ok, got it! You go distract her and I'll sneak it upstairs to her room!"

"Ok!" Sabrina bounded into the kitchen, arms laden with bags. "Clarissa! Here are some that go in the pantry. There's lots of room way in the back, start with those!" Sabrina pigeon-holed her into the pantry with the bags. While her back was turned, Lyron snuck past and up the stairs. Once he came back down, Sabrina went with him into the garage to get more bags, glad they found her present. She was going to be so surprised when she went to bed that night!
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Re: Prompt 2: Book Allusions

Post by Maralyn Bradford » Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:32 pm

What was once “Teach like a Pirate” is now “Live like a Pirate”

Louella felt her heart hammering in her chest as she ran, a loaf of bread tucked under on arm and a bag in the other. Voices and footsteps followed close behind her. People protested loudly and moved out of her way as she bumped nearly everyone in her path, appalled at her rudeness.

“Get back her, demon child!” The shop owner called out angrily. She felt herself stumble and fall to her knees. Quickly gaining her bearings she stood again and bolted hard to the right towards the docks- she hoped. Ella gained speed, delighted at the sound of wood under her feet, she was right; the docks had been this way.

“Sorry, sir. No can do! Dinner’s gonna be good to- oof!” She and another form were sent flying into the water. A collection of gasps sounded. Confusion took over her as she tried to figure out which way was up and which way was down, bread forgotten about. A hand grabbed her by the back of her shirt and dragged her to the surface. She coughed the water out of her lungs. Once she could breathe she cursed.

“Who do you think you are? Do you have any idea who I am, boy?” She rolled her sightless eyes at the word “boy.” Remembering her bag and its contents she ignored the man and lifted it out of the water.

“Guide me to the dock!” She said, turning towards the voice. There was silence for a second and she was about to speak up again until the water stirred and she was pulled in a direction. The man snatched the bag out of her hand, “Give that back! It’s mine!” The man snickered.

“As that bread was yours, too, I suppose? I just set it on the dock.” Her hands searched for the wooden structure and found it. She hoisted herself onto the dock, hearing him do the same. She snatched the bag up and stood, trying to make a run in whichever direction she could, away from the water preferably; just as she did though a man caught her by her short hair.

“Caught ya, you brat! And my bread is ruined. You’re gonna pay this time!” She struggled against him as he started dragging her away.

“Stop!” The man’s voice from earlier boomed.

“And why should I do that?” The shopkeeper retorted, still turning to face him. Ella stood there, still trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. She could use this distraction.

“That boy there just cost me a lot of money.” The man replied calmly, stepping towards them, his boots making satisfying clicks as he walked.

“Yes well this boy has been stealing from me for over a year now! I’d say I’ve lost some money, too.” His grip on her hair tightened and she winced, crying out a bit before catching herself.

The man sighed and flicked some coins at the shopkeeper. “They’re pure gold. Now hand him over.” The shopkeeper stood still for a bit before throwing Ella to the side, her bags contents spilling out. She gasped and started gathering them together and shoving them back in the back.

“Book, glove, necklace, sketch bo- where’s the darn sketch book?” She murmured under her breath, hands frantically searching the immediate area. She was picked up by her underarms and made to stand.

“Up you go now.” The man said.

“What harm could I have possibly done? Let me be on my way.” She said, kneeling back to the ground in search of her sketch book. Little did she know it was in the man’s hand.

“Well for one you knocked the captain of the Soulscape into the ocean. He just so happened to have a few maps and contracts in his coat and they are now ruined.” Her stomach dropped at the mention of the Soulscape. The man flipped through the pages of the sketch book and then looked back to the girl, he now had her attention. “You know, boy, you’re quite good at drawing for someone who can’t see.” Blue eyes stared back at nearly white ones. She was up to her feet in an instant.

“Give me that back!” He held it high in the air and laughed as she jumped for it.

“Tell you what. Join my crew and I’ll give it back.” Ella scoffed. Join these merchants- more like pirates, she thought.

“Why would you want me on your crew? That makes absolutely no sense.” She bit back.

“I have my reasons. So, what do you say?” She jumped up and got a hold of the sketch book, shoving it into her bag. She thought for a moment. This was a bad idea. Good thing she was the worst at making decisions.

“I’ll join your crew.”

It's so long! I got carried away!! Sorry! ;P
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