June Wordcrawl: Quidditch World Cup

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June Wordcrawl: Quidditch World Cup

Postby Sky Alton » Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:02 pm

Welcome to June’s word crawl!
Don’t know what a crawl is? No problem! I’ve given you a run-down of everything you need here
In short though, it’s like a writing board game: you write from one instruction to the next to create a story of 300 words or more and it can be about absolutely anything (you don’t have to stick to the Harry Potter theme in any way).
If you’d like to share your story, you’ll earn 20 beans and it will count towards your chance of earning one of our shiny Quill and Ink awards. You can post it below or if you’re uncomfortable sharing publically but would still like it to count, you can email it to us at hol.bookclub @ gmail.com (without spaces) with the subject line Crawl-Month-HOL ID. There is no deadline, though if you want to scoop that award for a particular year, we’ll need it by the end of that school year.

For this last crawl, we’re stepping back in time (again) to 1994 to experience the charged build-up to one of the most infamous sporting events in wizarding history. Grab a pen, some parchment and the musical flag of your choice and let’s go!

After a while of stumbling around in the dark (and that was just trying to get dressed and out the door), you’ve finally located the Portkey.
*Write 50 words while you’re yanked through the air and unceremoniously dumped*

You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and join the slow stream of people heading towards the misty campsites.
*Write 25 words while you fumble with the Muggle money to pay the inquisitive gentlemen* (Bonus if your character is trying to blend in)

Finally, after more stumbling, you’ve located your plot.
*Write another 25 words while you put up your tent, avoiding next door’s feisty peacock*

Hissing at the peacock that you’ll report it to the Ministry, you head off to explore the campsite.
*Write 40 words while you chat to acquaintances and examine what exactly other people think passes for inconspicuousness* (Bonus if you take yourself outside to finish the crawl, sitting on the grass is optional)

As night falls, the souvenir sellers are out in force, offering you luridly colourful magical marvels you never knew you didn’t need.
*Write 60 words while you browse what’s on offer and make your careful selections*

The gong sounds. Borne along by the excitedly chattering crowd, you make your way towards the stadium.
*Write 30 words while you try not to get trodden on*

Ouch. You just cricked your neck trying to get a view of the top of the stadium wall.
*Write 20 words as you climb the never-ending (but nicely carpeted) staircase to your seats* (Bonus if the anticipation is building in your story)

As the excitement thrums through the air around you, you take your seat, riffle through your programme and start up conversations about employment ethics and conditions for workers with absolute strangers.
*Write 30 words while other people filter in around you*

The mascots have appeared on the pitch and everyone around you seems either to be losing their heads or trying to control those who have. Hang on, what are you doing on the edge of the box?
*Write 10 words while you get yourself back under control and check if anyone saw*

And finally, the moment of kick off.
*Write 10 words while you hold your breath, waiting for the referee to blow their whistle* (Bonus if, you guessed it, you can hold your breath while you write the concluding line of your story)

While you may not be lifting the cup, bask in the reflected glory.
*Share your story with us*
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Re: June Wordcrawl: Quidditch World Cup

Postby Maxim Trevelyan » Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:17 pm

As soon as I touch the object, I get yanked into the mass of swirls, spinning and spinning until I want to throw up. I never liked portkeys anyway, but sadly, they are the most common method of transportation. The feeling passes rather quickly though as I get thrown from the tornado and land harshly on the ground.
I picked myself up and glared at my companion whose fault was that we were traveling by portkey anyway. Moving with the group of others, we stopped in front of a campsite manager. A muggle, apparently, according to the money we had to bring with us. Like, whose idea was to hire Muggles for a completely wizarding event?

“Darn paper money,” I growl, while I tried to make sense of the paper and numbers on it, until I had enough and just shoved ten bills into the man’s hands, took the map and started moving in the direction of our camp.

“I think you overpaid him by like…200%,” I heard from behind me. I found our spot and dumped the tent onto the ground, as I inspected our neighbors. We were in a luxury spot, which meant small mansion-like contraption with some serious security. Was that an albino peacock staring at me unblinkingly? “Creepy,” I murmured.

“I don’t care Jeff, it’s stupid that there are Muggles here,” I bit back, watching as my friend put his hands up in a placating manner.

“Come on, let’s browse the stalls before the match,” Jeff said. I liked the idea, so I took the pouch with the real, wizarding, money and followed him to the colorful part of the field.

“Do we know anyone here?” I asked him, while we browsed. I picked up a hat with the home team’s flag, while Jeff, the traitor look at some opposing team’s figures.

“I don’t think so,” he replied, paying for our items. “Lara’s sick, Alex and Terry are on vacation and Jessamine’s on that business trip.”

Just as I was about to comment, the general buzz of activity was pierced by ten deep gong, signalizing the approaching start of the match. The crowd started to move to the stadium’s entrance, so I took Jeff’s hand, not wanting to be separated in the masses of people.

Our tickets had us somewhere in the top-middle of the stadium, with perfect view of everything. I tried to take a look above me, but it hurt too much to see the end, so I stopped and focused on the people around me, while looking through the program, noting the different sponsors of the match.

The chatter picked up and I saw that the mascots arrived, green leprechauns and silvery, almost ethereal veelas. I was not that impressed with the first act, but when the women started singing, a fog filled my head and I was not aware of my surroundings anymore.

After an undetermined time, the fog cleared from my head and I noticed someone tugging my shirt, chuckling. I glared at Jeff, who sported a smirk on his face. “How come you weren’t affected by them?” I whined as I returned to my seat.

Jeff did not reply, just chuckled softly. The crowed seemed to quiet down as a person in golden robes arrived on the field with a Quaffle in her hands and a whistle between her lips. The captains of the team shook their hands and with a sharp whistle and a throw, the match begun!
Thank you Dario!

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