Favourite Characters in Fiction

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Favourite Characters in Fiction

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Thu May 11, 2017 3:31 am

The title of the topic about says it all. Who are your favourite characters in fiction?

I will say that there are some people in books who I'd love to meet. Here. Maybe even spend some time with. Sometimes I wish they were real life enough that when I see someone who looks like a favourite character in a book, I'm inclined to like them a bit more than maybe they warrant, just based on their appearance. Which is perhaps silly, but there it is.

The same can go for non-favourite characters too. An accidental resemblance to someone who is distinctly not my cup of tea from a story can put a damper on a friendship before it even has a chance to start... <_<

So who are your favourite characters in fiction? Who do you love to open the book and fall into the story and just be with them sometimes? Are there people in books who you delight to meet -- in the book and have no wish to meet except in that book? Are there people you like so much you would want to actually live in that story (a la Inkheart) and in their world, just to be with them?

If you feel like it, who are some non-favourite characters too? Same questions.

In which book(s) did you meet this person, these people? Is it a single individual or a group of people? Are they 2-leggers or werewolves or vampires or ... what?

Speaking of werewolves and meeting people, I would definitely say that The Marrok (Bran) -- from the Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs -- is a favourite of mine, as are Charles and Anna. Yes, yes, and I really like Mercy and Adam, too. Would I like to live in their world?

Oh, yes. They do brownies.

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