Devil's Tango

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Devil's Tango

Post by Amaryllis Storm » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:46 pm

Title of the book: Devil's Tango
Authors: Herve Jubert
Series: L'Opéra du Diable Book Series
Genres: Speculative Fantasy Fiction

Short summary of the story:

How crazy could you possibly think the future can get? The land is disappearing and what towns remain are sets from various time periods, and oh yeah it's crime free! or is it?

Good Point/ Bad Point

I ...LOVE this book!!! A mix of magic and history and mystery and murders! Unfortunately, I caught this in the middle of the trilogy, I really would like to find the first book Dance of The Assassin and the last book Sabbat Samba (as far as I know) has not been translated into English. One of the prevailing theme in the story that rings true even in the real world is just how far will politicians go to stay in power? And just how gullible are we the public to fall for scapegoats that are presented to us?

Beyond that the imagery portrayed in the story is beautiful and I sometimes wish I could just crawl into the book to see and experience it with my own eyes and feel what they are feeling myself.
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