Book Review: Grimpow The Invisible Road

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Book Review: Grimpow The Invisible Road

Post by Amaryllis Storm » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:24 pm

Title of the book: Grimpow The Invisible Road
Authors: Rafael Abalos
Genres: Speculative Fantasy Fiction

Short summary of the story:

A young orphan life takes a wild turn when he comes across a dying man in the snow.

Good Point/Bad Points

It is an amazing glimpse into a bit of our history, Abalos includes known history up to a point then takes you on a journey on how things could have gone. Loyalties are tested, friendships made, danger and darkness lurk at every corner. For a person who likes puzzles and mystery, they will love this book, I think I even know a Hufflepuff who would enjoy it greatly. I enjoyed this book, mostly, because it was about expanding your mind to the possibilities the world has to offer you and taking the leap of faith when something amazing is in front of you.
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