Book Review: Viro by Barnaby Taylor

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Book Review: Viro by Barnaby Taylor

Post by Ivorie Windton » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:50 pm

Title of the book: Viro

Authors: Barnaby Taylor

Series: Viro series

Genres: Horror, Older Childrens, Young Adult

Short summary of the story: There are zombies, four kids and they have to survive!

Good points / bad points: I really enjoyed this book! It was an older children's book/adventure/horror/insertanthergenerahere. The characters were extremely lifelike and the concept (though not original) was well thought out and interesting. I loved that their lives were not all sunshine and butterflies, they had REAL lives before the virus, and it shows. I also love the twists and turns of this book! There was a point where I felt that "Oh wonderful, they are safe" and then, BOOM! Nope.
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