Book Review: Year One

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Book Review: Year One

Post by Katelin Ross » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:58 pm

Title: Year One
Author: Nora Roberts
Series: Yes - Chronicles of The One
Genres: Fiction

Year One introduces us to different characters living in different parts of New York City. Their daily lives go on as usual until a sickness sweeps through the country. Those who become infected with the disease are dead within days. The disease is spreading everywhere and killing most everyone who comes in contact with it. Yet, somehow, people survive, even though they have been exposed and should have died. Year One follows their struggle with surviving in a world that is not always so welcoming.

This post apocalyptic novel kept me going! I could not put it down. Due to some of the story lines in this novel, it is not suitable for Book Club, and should be read by those who are mature and old enough to understand the content.

I can't wait for Year 2!

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