Book Review: Little Women

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Book Review: Little Women

Post by Prof. Gustavo Flores » Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:15 am

Title: Little Women
Author: Louisa May Alcott
Genres: Classic

Brief Synopsis: Little Women tells the story of the four March sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, and how they live their lives with their mother while their father is fighting war. The book is divided in two parts and in them we can read about the different adventures the girls live, the mistakes they make, the lessons they learn, and how, above all, family is the most important value.

Opinion: Little Women is a classic, and this is the second time I read it, and fell in love once again. I think it is very enriching how each of the sisters has their unique personality and their unique interests that makes them be so different although they are sisters, but despite that, their core is all the values and lessons that were taught by their mother that makes them be the good, kind March sisters despite the flaws.

The first part of the book is my favorite. It is when we get to know the sisters with their original ages (Meg 17, Jo 15, Beth 13, and Amy 12 years old), and I believe that the first part is the one that engages you the most. The second part was not bad, but I wish we could only have one part only. In the second part the March sisters grow and I don’t think that was necessarily needed.

My favorite character is Beth, and Istill can get over the fact that she dies. I remember that Beth’s death was the first time I cried really hard while reading a book, to the point that I had to stop because I couldn’t go on. It was so sad, but written so beautifully, it was touching.

This is a book that I recommend and I think you will enjoy it you are looking for a nice, cute reading.

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