Book Review: Orange

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Book Review: Orange

Postby Aurelia West » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:44 am

Title: Orange: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1
Authors: Ichigo Takano
Series: Orange
Genres: Manga

Since this is just volume one of the manga, I figured I'd make a topic for it now and respond later with my thoughts on the second and final volume when I finish it.

This manga is about a girl named Naho Takamiya who, in the spring of her second year of high school, receives a letter from herself 10 years in the future. Her future self has some regrets that she'd like Naho to rectify for her in her timeline. Soon after Naho receives this letter, a new student named Kakeru transfers to her school and the letter's predictions begin to come true. The book then details Naho and her group of friends bringing Kakeru into their friend group and trying to save him from a terrible fate (the summary's words, not mine).

I really enjoyed the art in this book and the strong friendships built between the characters. However, this book deals with the idea of parallel universes and time travel in order to have this letter be able to make its way to Naho but then doesn't deal with that much afterwards, making the idea seem slightly unbelievable. Considering the main focal point is the bonds between friends though, this didn't really bother me too much.

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