Alanna: The First Adventure-June Book Discussion

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Alanna: The First Adventure-June Book Discussion

Post by Sky Alton » Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:04 am

In June we’ll be reading ‘Alanna: The First Adventure’ by Tamora Pierce. It’s a thrilling ride of swords, sorcery, secrets and self-discovery.

As usual, we’ve worked out a suggested reading schedule but please feel free to read and discuss at your own pace.
1-7 June: Chapters 1 and 2
8-14 June: Chapters 3 and 4
15-21 June: Chapters 5 and 6
22-30 June: Chapter 7

Young Alanna of Trebond’s first adventure kicks off an entire universe full of spunky heroines who are determined not to allow traditional roles or society’s opinions to get in the way of what they want to be. But if there’s one thing that Tamora Pierce teaches us it’s that the road to your dream is never smooth, even with the help of magic and fabulous weaponry. Getting others to accept you is hard but sometimes the real fight is accepting yourself.

If Alanna’s journey inspires you to create, please do share your poetry, stories, fanfiction or fan art with us on Quill and Ink and Ink Splatters

Remember, if you have any suggestions for future book discussions, drop us a line at hol.bookclub @ (without the spaces).
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