The Hunger Games: Chapters 13-18

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The Hunger Games: Chapters 13-18

Postby Prof. Amy Lupin » Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:11 am

Chapters 13-18 of The Hunger Games will be discussed in this thread.

These chapters see Katniss in the thick of things. What are some of the themes that have started to emerge? Do any of them resonate with you? Share your thoughts below!

Please remember to include spoiler tags where necessary.

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Sky Alton
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Re: The Hunger Games: Chapters 13-18

Postby Sky Alton » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:32 pm

For me, these chapters really mark the dichotomy in Katniss's character: the fact that she can switch from remarkably selfish to remarkably selfless very quickly. I've never been able to decide whether she's truly self-absorbed or whether her long seated drive to survive is what causes her to act in ways that look very selfish on the surface but are actually related back to her need to stay alive for other people.

The fire scene and the halusinations have always seemed marvellously cinematic to me and really work with the first person, present tense narration. You truly do feel trapped in the moment with Katniss-I've often wondered whether the author's experience with TV writing/production gave her a feel for that kind of immediacy.

And now for the spoilerish bit !

Do you think that what happens to rue is over done? Or just poignant enough to show us Katniss at her best? I've never been able to decide, though it does choke me up every time, even though I like to pretend I'm a cynic.
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Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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Re: The Hunger Games: Chapters 13-18

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:04 am

Starting off with the spoilerish bit of Sky's ...

I think the bit with Rue is awesome. The similarity of situations of Prim and Rue, that just tugged at Katniss so much. And it allowed some of the walls that Katniss had been constructing around her heart to disintegrate. Rue was someone, I think, who figured that she would just have to outlast everyone, if she was to win. But she helped Katniss locate that nest of Tracker Jackers, which ended up, in an odd way helping to save Kathniss' life. So some bit of walls disintegrated, and then she meets Peeta ... and who knows what might of happened if she'd not met and buddied up with Rue first?

Mostly, to me, this whole section of the book, chapter 13-18, are huge for action and, as Sky says, shows the differences of Katniss' personality, as she interacts with Rue. While I don't think that Katniss would be like Prim, if her father had lived, I don't think she would have become so rigid in her thinking. But then, as she wrote, in talking of her family after her father died ... "all I can see is the woman who sat by, blank and unreachable, while her children turned to skin and bones." That had a huge effect on her emotional health, I think, and maybe in some way, Rue saved Katniss.
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Arianna Stonewater
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Re: The Hunger Games: Chapters 13-18

Postby Arianna Stonewater » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:09 pm

It was in the beginning of Chapter 13 i starting thinking about how silly all the career tribute's names are, but then again Peeta and Katniss aren't that great either. That's the trend we're heading toward people! We're already on our way with celebrities naming their kids Apple and Pilot Inspektor.

I definitely liked the Rue moments. I think Katniss is selfish, because she's had to be, but when it comes to her sister & Gale (or anyone who invokes memories of them) she a little softer, which is good.

I really liked Rue, and while I knew she was more of a "wait and see tribute" she definitely helped bring out the fighter in Katniss. The tracker jackers are very interesting, and reveal a lot about the Capitol. If they're willing to use things like tracker jackers in war against the districts, what kinds of things will they do to the tributes to remind the districts of their place?

I was glad when Katniss finally got a bow, but even happier when Rue was telling Katniss about District 11. I always like hearing how other people in different regions live, and I bet it was interesting for Katniss to think about the other districts. I imagine most of her life its been about Districit 12 or the Capital, with little thought about the other people who might be suffering as much as she is.

Thank goodness Katniss and Rue finally discovered the Careers' weakness! and we learn about the Mockingjays, another Capitol mutant that was luckily turned against it. I felt a little bad that the boy who planted the mines gets killed because of Katniss' plan, but only a little.

I loved when the bread from District 11 arrived. I can't imagine what they had to do to be able to afford it, but their thanks for her tribute is something I still think about when I think about Rue. It was an incredibly heart-wrenching moment, but I think it also gave Katniss that last edge to survive in the game.

I can't believe she didn't suspect the rule change to be a trick.

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