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The Bookshelf Overview

Post by Alanna Pierce » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:18 pm

Welcome to The Bookshelf

This is a forum dedicated to:
  • Reviews of books
    Presenting an author you like
    New book releases
    Discussing Genres
    Book discussions
Guidelines for posting Book reviews:
Title of the book:
Short summary of the story:
Good points / bad points:

Presenting an author you like:
Name of the author:
Main genre:
Main audience:
presenting writing still:
main books:
Short summary of the author:
Good points / bad points:

You do not necessarily have to do all the listed things, but it could help others to learn more about the book or author. At the very least, we would like to encourage you to share your personal thoughts and impressions of the book/author.

If you are posting as part of one of our reading challenges, your posts should be a minimum of 80 words. (Information about the book’s title, author or series does not count towards this count, but should still be included for everyone else's benefit.)

If you are reading a book and wish to do a review of it, and there is already a 'Presenting an author' topic for the author of the book, post your book review in the Topic for the author.

Note: If you are wanting to post a book which is one of a series by an author, please consider posting a topic 'Presenting an author you like', with the data as shown above. Then post a book review for the book you just read. That way, if there are other people who have read books by that same author, there is a topic specific for him or her, and a great way to collect information about that author and their works.

If you are discussing spoilers, please remember to make use of the spoiler tags i.e.

Code: Select all

[Spoiler]This is a spoiler[/Spoiler]
When you post, please keep your post HOL-appropriate.

Thank you.
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