Wrapping Up the Winter Reading Challenge 2017/18

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Wrapping Up the Winter Reading Challenge 2017/18

Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:46 am

With the Holidays coming to an end, having the memories of the winter fun, family gatherings, new resolutions, and all the amazing books you read, it is time to say goodbye to another Reading Challenge.

We want to thank you for sharing with all of us your insights and opinions about the books you read, and helping that way to increase our literary knowledge. I don’t know you, but I surely have more than one book added to my “To Read” list thanks to your posts and publications!

Today, we want to celebrate our love towards books and Literature, and whether you reached your goal or fell short, we hope that you enjoyed your reading time. In the end, we managed to read 26 books between all of us!

Of course, it is always important to recognize those readers who completed their pledge. After this month and a half 13 people managed to reach their reading goal and thus, they are the proud recipients of the “Winter Reading Challenge Winner Award”!. Congratulations to:

* Arianna Stonewater
* Amanda P.X. Sim
* Aurelia West
* Bull J. Johnson
* Emanuel Hines
* Hannah R Thomas
* Katelin Ross
* Maxim Trevelyan
* Prof. Amy Lupin
* Prof. Gustavo Flores
* Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
* Shiloh Adlar
* Vanessa Tilley

It’s been great sharing this month with you! Now with the Winter Reading Challenge over, stay tuned for the upcoming activities here in the Book Club! The start of a new HOL term, also means the beginning of a new Monthly Book Discussion after the winter break. So let’s welcome February FISH IN A TREE!

Hope to see you there, and may your life always be filled with joy and books to read!

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