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Gail Allen
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Study tips

Post by Gail Allen » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:29 pm

The end of term is coming very close indeed and most of us are likely scrambling to get those last minute assignments in. Many might even have muggle school deadlines coming up.

So while it's still in fresh memory (and for those of us who are still struggling to make it in time!), I'd like to know what you do to help you study?

I personally like to make a fairly detailed to-do list with all that needs to be done, so I can cross things off it or tick off boxes; I find that very satisfying so it motivates me to get working.
I also like to put on music with a rather energetic beat, but no words in any languages I understand, because that distracts me.

But I'd like to do what other people do.
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Silas Hipolito Crist
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Re: Study tips

Post by Silas Hipolito Crist » Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:38 pm

Luckily for me, my school has all asignments and other things date calender, which is given to every student so I do not need to worry about school stuff by making appointmes by myself. For every other things that I have to remember I make small pieces of paper and put them on my table so I can forget on them. If it is a hurry I even write somethibf down on my hands, if needed :P
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Arianna Stonewater
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Re: Study tips

Post by Arianna Stonewater » Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:21 pm

I also love having a to-do list. I have a Google Sheets document of all the things due and when, and then I organize it by deadline in each category (classes, Dungeons, HOLLERS, Misc., newsletters, The Sett, teaching.) The feeling of checking something off really is quite awesome! Then i highlight the object in green once i've received points for it so i can check at the end of the month/term/year if there is anything missing.

While I'm actually studying/doing work, I also like to listen to music with no words (at least none in English) and I need to be sitting at a table or my desk because if I'm on the couch or somewhere comfy there's a good chance I'll fall asleep!
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