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Astrid Black
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Snow Days!

Postby Astrid Black » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:31 am

Winter brings us cold white fluff from the sky and blankets the world in quiet beauty. Children wake up to hear that there is no school and joyous cheers resound from all corners of the Earth. The day is suddenly yours! There's a tv show you've been meaning to binge on Netflix, snowmen to be made, snowball fights to be had, hot cocoa to be drank, and a bed that is just calling for you to catch more zzz'z. In a day full of possibility, what do you do?

My snow days all started out the same. Getting up to get ready for school and my mother telling me never mind because school was canceled. I'd always feel that momentary rush of surprise and then run to the window to look out into the white wilderness of my backyard. I'd always stay in my pjs until at least 10am. Usually we'd watch tv with mom and have breakfast in the living room, which was a once in a blue moon thing. Then I would eventually beg to go outside and bolt into the snow. It varies on how long I'd spend out there but the record, according to my mom, was when I was about six. There was a blizzard that year and the snow was taller than I was. I spent the day digging tunnels and being tossed into the snow by my uncle. Still, as the sun sets so must antarctic adventures. I'd always come in to a warm bath and fresh pjs. We'd have dinner and end the day with cocoa and snuggling with mom on the couch while we watched history channel. I think that was my favorite part of the snow days. It was the beginning and ending with time with my mother.

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Shiloh Adlar
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Re: Snow Days!

Postby Shiloh Adlar » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:44 am

That sounds like a lovely time, Astrid.

Growing up where I did, we got snow quite a bit. I'm far away from that now in a place that never receives snow except for a couple weeks ago when we had an extremely rare occurrence of it. I think my favorite part of snow days were similar to yours. When they would cancel school which did not happen often unless it was really bad, I would spend time outside with my brother. I remember building a snowman and making snow angels. My dad would get in on snowball fights with my brother and me, and my mom would watch us from the patio. My dad one year snuck one up on her though, and she was so mad at him.

When it would start getting dark, or we would get too cold, we would go inside and Mom would fix us some hot tea after we changed clothes so we wouldn't get sick from the cold and wet clothes we had on from the snow. We would gather in front of the fireplace (electric like the Dursley's so sorry no floo network connection), and watch a movie together as a family. Those were always really good days.
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Resyarrina Elora
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Re: Snow Days!

Postby Resyarrina Elora » Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:27 pm

My country have no snow season, we don't have winter at all, we have dry and rain season.
Sometimes we got school cancelled too, mostly jn rain season, but instead of fluffy white snow, we have brown water near your knee. No one want to go outside except they have to, or if they have rubber boat or anything that can float.
But that also give you many free time at home, watching movie, do fun time with family, and the good thing is all your family will be at home with sk much free time to spend. Well the bad thing is also because they all there. :P

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