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Prof. Limine Snidget
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Favorite Real Life Class

Postby Prof. Limine Snidget » Sat Jun 04, 2016 6:07 pm

Several people have been posting lately in the thread, What Classes Do You Want To See Happen This Year Coming Up?, which got me thinking about my favorite real life classes.

I had a history class in high school that was super fun. My teacher was a really good actor and pretended to be a different historical figure at least once a week. Sometimes he even emptied the classrooms of desks and set it up to look like a historical place and we had class sitting around on the floor or in random chairs.

I had an online class my freshman year of college called Classic Works. Each week we had a forum topic about "art" or something similar. Then we had a big checklist of things we had to accomplish before the end of the semester. We had to attend a certain number of plays/musicals and orchestra/band/symphony/choir concerts. We had to go to art galleries and museums. We had to read classic works of literature. Once done, we had to write a paper about each. It was a pretty simple class, but a lot of fun because I got to do a bit of traveling and had the opportunity to experience things I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

My absolute favorite class ever was a class my sophomore year of college called The Art and Craft of Mathematical Problem Solving. My roommates and I jokingly called this Ashley's Puzzle Class. I would go to class and we would literally just sit and, either independently or in groups, work on puzzles. Our homework assignments were things like sudoku and logic puzzles. I don't really don't know what I really gained from this class other than practice at solving puzzles for HOL activities and seeking. (Ironically, I was taking this class during the same period of time in which I was learning to seek on HOL.)

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Matilde Rayne
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Re: Favorite Real Life Class

Postby Matilde Rayne » Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:31 am

I absolutely loved my English classes in high school. My 9th/11th grade teacher was more serious about things, so I guess I liked those classes for the "proper" reasons, haha. My 10th/12th grade classes (with the same teacher) had so many fun moments, though. For one, we were encouraged to add a cover sheet of sorts to all of our essays that we could write or draw anything on and then we'd have a "showcase" after all the papers were turned in. We'd also have reading days where we could find a nice spot on campus to enjoy the weather, which was always nice. I also at one point got to make an albatross glider and toss it off the top of the football stands. It went pretty far!

Also in high school... I was a bit lazy my senior year and they'd changed things so that instead of having six classes, we would have seven, and since I was already at a loss about what to take as extra electives I went for things where I could use minimal effort/have fun. I ended up choosing an introductory keyboarding class because as far as I knew it was taught by the chorus teacher who didn't know me and I could probably get away with pretending that I didn't know anything about playing piano (despite having taken lessons for years >>). Well, surprise surprise, the assistant band director (who knew me since I'd been in marching band and knew I played piano) ended up teaching and the first day was like... what are you doing here? >< He probably could have made me take something else, but he ended up basically letting me choose whatever I wanted to learn/play the entire year and he just checked to see if I was making progress - though I did still have to play the pieces he chose as tests for grades. He also made me choose something appropriate to my level (which was well beyond what anyone else was doing) at the end of year recital though, so that got some interesting reactions...

I was going to take American Sign Language as another elective, but they cancelled it, so after that I was like... well fine then, I choose study hall so I can do nothing. >> Because my school had incredible planning skills, they made study hall first period so it was incredibly unproductive for about two weeks, at which point they offered us the chance to help with tutoring some freshmen during that hour, which ended up being an incredibly rewarding experience.

As for uni... well, I loved all four of my organic chem classes, but that comes down to me just liking that particular branch of chemistry, it wasn't really anything to do with the classes. Although I will say that both profs I had were the funniest and most entertaining I've had. xD

I also had a couple of classes similar to your Classic Works class, Ashley, that I took to satisfy Humanities requirements. One was a music literature class where I needed to see a few performances and write reaction papers, which I loved because I really enjoy going to see (listen to?) the orchestra and the class gave me an excuse to go. The other was an online theatre class where part of the class was again going out to see different performances, and I saw a few that were put on by students, but then also got to see Beauty and the Beast which was so much fun!

I also got away with taking what was basically an acting class to fulfill a public speaking requirement, which was pretty amazing, lol.

Kathren Johnsun
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Re: Favorite Real Life Class

Postby Kathren Johnsun » Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:58 am

I've had a lot of really fun classes ever since elementary school. I'm going to start there since I have a lot of good memories of then. Fourth grade (I was 10 for non-Americans) was one of my favorite years as a kid. This teacher not only got me into writing (something that I still enjoy today), but she also took time away from the curriculum that the school required her to teach for us to learn Spanish for 1/2-1 hour every week.

Fast forward to high school, I was able to take classes that I loved for the most part. My favorite was definitely either AP Chemistry or my study hall period my senior year. AP Chemistry was one of the classes that solidified one of the areas that I wanted to study in college. For my study hall period, I "worked" as a media aide in the school library and would also travel to one of the elementary schools over lunch to help in their library. Since the library was one of my favorite places to be and this kept me busy when I didn't have homework, this was probably one of my favorite "classes".

Last but not least, college. Since I just graduated in May, these are the freshest memories. Most of my favorite classes were already hinted at earlier. My favorite class that did not fit into my major/minors was probably Creative Writing. While the teacher was not my favorite, this class was basically a semester long workshop of poetry and short stories. My favorite math class (one of the minors) was Discrete Structures. While I didn't think that I would like this class much since proofs are not my favorite, this class was pretty much just a bunch of logic problems which were actually really fun. My favorite biology classes (my major) would be Bioethics and Microbiology. Bioethics was a month long class where we watch movies and then discussed the ethical issue from the movie. For Microbiology, my favorite part was our final for lab; we had to identify an "unknown" bacteria and basically play detective to figure it out. If I don't end up going into my top choice for a career, this would be where I would want to end up. :)

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Austin Ollivander Black
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Re: Favorite Real Life Class

Postby Austin Ollivander Black » Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:43 am

My favorite classes were history throughout all grades. In high school it was history and biology. History and science have always been my favorite subjects.
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Marie Dark
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Re: Favorite Real Life Class

Postby Marie Dark » Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:46 am

Well, I enjoyed English after getting through the toughest parts..... and then I loved my Art classes and American History and Government classes.... Psychology was great and Sociology even better.... my all time favorite was Auto Shop... but that's it... lol

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Resyarrina Elora
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Re: Favorite Real Life Class

Postby Resyarrina Elora » Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:27 pm

I enjoy math and english, even that i know i'm not good at the objects.
One of the reason that because i got good teacher for each those object and the level of my favourite clasa always depend on the teacher, i can't enjoy the class if i don't match well with the teacher.

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