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Welcome to the Students Lounge!

Postby Matilde Rayne » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:11 pm

Hello everyone!

The Students Lounge is a place for you to post about pretty much anything you'd like to ask or discuss with your fellow HOLers - within reason, of course, and as long as the topic doesn't belong in any of the other sections of the HOL forum. (It's probably a good idea to check the other areas to make sure your topic wouldn't be a better fit in one of them.)

Having semi-recently taken on modding this section, I've gone ahead and deleted any topics that haven't been posted in for more than a year, excluding the intro topics that are stickied.

If you remember a topic that you posted in previously, or even just thought about posting in, go ahead and remake it! And, of course, if you have an idea for a new topic, feel free to post that, as well!

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