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HOL students, post graduates, and professors can all be captain/co-captain of their house's team.

Current Captains:
Gryffindor - Prof. Jenny Lupin (captain)
Hufflepuff - Marcie Hobber (captain), Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (co-captain)
Ravenclaw - Arielle Lemoyne (co-captain), Shiloh Adlar (co-captain)
Slytherin - Darcey Goode (captain), Will Lestrange (captain)

Captains are responsible for providing refs for all matches in which their house are not scheduled to play.

Roster Submission
The team rosters must be emailed to the Quidditch Board and both referees at least 24 hours in advance of the match. Contact details can be found on the Quidditch Talk forum. The roster can contain up to 10 players (i.e. reserves) - all of these players must be eligible when the line-up is sent in. If line-ups are not submitted on time, 50 points will be taken from the House (this will not affect the game score).

Line-up Submission
The seven players in the list submitted to the referee at the beginning of a match are the only ones who will play. Players who were not listed as a reserve can only play if both the opposing team captain and the Quidditch Board official agree. Line-ups must be submitted by 8:50 pm HOL at the latest or points will be taken from the offending team's house (this will not affect the game score).

Ensure your team is ready to play at 8:55 pm HOL - 9:05 pm HOL at the latest - or you lose points for your house.

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