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Postby Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis » Tue Sep 29, 2015 10:29 pm

Quaffle play starts with a question directed to all Chasers.

Question #1: 3 Chasers vs. 3 Chasers (All Chasers)

Question #2: 3 Chasers (of the team who answered correctly) vs. 2 opposing team's Beaters

- Beater wins --> Beater's team's Chasers vs. opposing Beaters (#2)
- Chaser wins --> then... (#3)

Question #3: 1 Chaser vs. 1 Keeper

- Keeper wins --> Keeper's team's Chasers vs. opposing Beaters (#2)
- Chaser wins --> 10 points to the Chaser who scored's team. (Keeper's team's Chasers vs. Beaters - #2)

If no one knows the answer to any question, back to Question #1

Quaffle play ends when the Snitch is caught with the following exceptions:
- If after 90 minutes the Snitch has not been caught, the game ends and neither team catching the Snitch. (Play is paused for a 3 minute break at 45 minutes in).
- If the Snitch is forfeited, Quaffle play lasts for 60 minutes. (Play pauses 30 minutes in for 3 minutes).
- If the Snitch is rescheduled, Quaffle play lasts for 75 minutes.

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