Week 1: Scavenger Hunt (Part 1)

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Week 1: Scavenger Hunt (Part 1)

Postby Polaris Black » Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:40 pm

Everyone loves a Scavenger Hunt, am I right? This one is loosely based on Snitch Play, which is the Seeker Game of HOL Quidditch. The objective is to find the answers to a series of questions in order to earn a weekly clue and ultimately solve a Logic Puzzle.

During Week 1, we will post the introduction to the logic puzzle, the goal, and the first clue. In order to earn the next clue, you must answer all 10 of the posted questions correctly within the weekly time frame.

Each correct answer is worth two beans and there are four clues to be earned for a total of 80 beans. You can earn an additional 20 beans by solving the Logic Puzzle for a grand total of 100 beans!

Have fun and good luck!

Week 1


The five 2015 HOL Appreciation Month organizers met at The Three Broomsticks to discuss their latest school books over dessert and drinks. Each person ordered a different dessert and a different drink and brought along a different book to discuss.

For each organizer, determine which book they brought (including Charm Your Own Cheese), what they ordered for dessert (one was a delicious Chocolate Trifle), and what they ordered to drink.

First Clue:
The person who ordered Blueberry Fruit Cup (who didn’t bring The Invisible Book of Invisibility) also ordered a coffee.


For the first week, you’ll need to search the HOL site to find the answers to the following questions. A hint is provided prior to each question!

1. Hogsmeade: Which House does the creator of the Map of Hogsmeade belong to?
2. Dervish & Banges: How many beans do you need to buy Octopus Powder?
3. Wand Shop: What are your wand length, wood, and core?
4. Gringotts: Who has the most beans in a Private Vault?
5. Pets Store: What type of pet runs away easily?
6. Flourish & Blotts: How many volumes are in the Faye's AntHOLogy series?
7. Greenhouse: Who is the Greenhouse Keeper?
8. Owlery: Who owns Of the Twilight the Darkness?
9. HOL Handbook: What does the IRC command /NICK do in a Chatroom?
10. Contacts List: Who is the HOL Groundskeeper?

Send your answers to hol.appreciationmonth[at]gmail.com with Scavenger Hunt – Week 1 - HOL ID as the subject. Be sure to include your HOL name, HOL ID and House in your email.

In order to earn the next clue, you'll need to submit your answers by Sunday, 6 September at 11:59 PM HOL time. Otherwise feel free to still send in your answers after then - you will still get your beans for it.

We hope you enjoyed your whirlwind tour of HOL! If you have enough beans, be sure to buy a Chocolate Frog at Honeydukes and start your Famous Wizards and Witches Card Collection or find some real bargains at the Thrift Shop.
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Re: Week 1: Scavenger Hunt (Part 1)

Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:26 pm

Answer to the questions courtesy Darcey Goode:

1. DANA! She's a Slytherin.
2. 60
3. 8.25" Willow and Ashwinder Ash.
4. Prof Ulol Kimil
5. Toads
6. 2
7. Josiah Bounderby
8. Prof Tarma Black
9. Changes your nickname
10. Prof Dario Sehovic
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