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Extra Credit 2 - Discussion

Postby Kim Alting » Mon Aug 29, 2016 3:25 pm

Here is the thread where you can respond to the discussion question for Extra Credit #2! Just as a reminder, here is the prompt and instructions from the class website:

A large amount of the ingredients we learned about today were useful for healing potions or had healing properties. For 10 points, I want you to make a post in the Class Forum about why you think this is. Some questions to get you thinking (though you don't have to answer these and are encouraged to come up with theories outside of these questions!) - was it just an accident that past potion-makers discovered lots and lots of healing ingredients? Or were they looking for them specifically? Do you think textbook writers, editors, or political figures may have suppressed writings about more harmful substances to discourage their uses? Your posts should be about 150 words minimum for the full 10 points. If you make a second and/or third post of 150+ words responding to someone else's theory/opinion (you can agree, disagree, or add other ideas to theirs but give your reasoning and keep it respectful!), you can earn yourself an additional 10 points per post! Or, if you find that you have a lot to say, you can gain 20 points for a 300+ word post - whether that is your initial opinion or your response doesn't matter, but please note that this is the maximum points I will award for a single post - it is a discussion, after all! (If any of this is unclear, feel free to HOL message me or ask about it in the Questions thread in the class forum first!)

I am really looking forward to reading everyone's thoughts!

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