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December Workshop - Jennet

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:41 am
by Jennet Jones

Each time an artist dies, the world's despair
Displays itself; the media resound
With cries that what is lost cannot be found
Again; the talent is too rare.
Each devatated fan speaks up to share
Their pain. The lamentations now abound.
In misery's morass no hope is found.
Unless... you choose to take death as a dare.
Each generation raises a new crop
Of artists, and the message is the same:
The passing of the torch ain't gonna stop!
(If nature hates a vacuum, so does fame.)
So hone your skills and scramble to the top
Then step into the breach - and up your game!

Re: December Workshop - Jennet

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:18 pm
by Ariella McManus
You managed to take a sonnet and make it seem both classic and modern at the same time. My hat is off to you; it is something that I, myself, could not have ever achieved B)

I loved the formality of the poem, which made the use of the less informal phrasing (ain't gonna stop) seem so much more impactful. You speak of devastated fans and death, leaving the reader to mourn a loss, and then offer the 'turn' of hope for the future. This is definitely a sonnet that I found really enjoyable to read and almost makes me wish I had taken the opportunity to write one myself. I'm not trying to take the easy road out here, but honestly I wouldn't change a thing about it. You have a real talent; please keep writing!!!