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Postby Prof. Jenna Hathaway » Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:50 pm

Is English not your primary language? Do you need help finding your way through the halls and FAQs of HOL due to a language issue? Well, help is on the way! We'll be listing, here in this pinned topic, students who are fluent in English and another language, and are willing to help you as you settle into HOL. You can look up their HOL Profiles and find out the easiest way to contact them.

Currently, our language helpers are:


Justine Provençal - French


Zoki Phantom - Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian & Bulgarian
Violeta Lost - Greek
Ely Granger - Italian


Ero Nex - Latvian & Russian
Prof. Jenna Hathaway - Indonesian
Niniel Sanders - Danish, Swedish & Norwegian
Rosanna Gullveig - French


Eno Thomas - Albanian & Italian
Fumei Shirokuro - Dutch


Prof. Dario Sehovic - Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian
Prof. Gustavo Flores - Spanish
Prof. Jenny Lupin - Japanese
Prof. Rachel Selenia - Swedish
Prof. Silmarien Szilagyi - Hungarian

If you would like to volunteer to be a language helper, please send Amy Lupin a PM here on the forum or send her a HOL Message telling her which language you want to help with and she will add you this list.

Here are the requirements to apply as a language helper:
- Been a HOL member since August 2013.
- Fluent in English
- Fluent in the language you offer to help with

Since you're the only person who knows how good you are on the other language, please make sure you're at least 80-90% fluent in it (a native speaker is, of course, amazing). Better to offer to help in fewer languages than try to offer as many as you can, not all of which you actually master. Remember that you'll likely be dealing with native speakers of that language, so if you're not a native as well, keep that in mind!
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