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Everything About Class Sign-ups

Postby Moiraine Lee » Sun Jan 07, 2007 9:49 am

Brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood prefects and professors, or in this case, Moiraine Lee and Tarma Black.

Due to the usual increase of questions related to classes around this time, this was written to be a ready reference guide for all questions related to Class enrollment for the Winter Semester - and other questions associated with classes in general.

First of all, many of your questions can be answered by THE HOL HANDBOOK - SECTION 6: HOL CLASSES and ASK A PREFECT FAQ .

However because it is the copy of the old HOL Handbook, it is indeed outdated, as it still tables the terms in the trimester format as opposed to the current semester format. Please observe the discrepency and ignore all dates that are posted within. However, but for that, the greater majority of the information found in the above links ARE INDEED CORRECT

I will however, as will the rest of the staff at HOL, will do our absolute best to keep this and all our answers pertaining to class questions as truthful and as accurate as possible.

If you still have questions that aren't answered here or in the above compendiums, then by all means post them, and one of the Prefects will do our best to help you.

Class Sign-ups

Q: When can I sign up for an HOL class?

A: Class sign up for the Autumn Term usually opens around mid-August. For the Spring Term, it usually opens at the beginning of February.

It is best to sign up for classes during the official sign up period. However, if for some reason you miss it, you can message the person teaching a particular class and ask them to manually add you to their class.

Note that a person teaching a class might not allow a new student to join their class towards the end of term (ie. in January or June) as they will be finishing up their classes around that time.

Classes will not be in session during July or August, as this is the official summer holiday period.

Q: How do I sign up for a HOL class?

A: In order to sign up for classes when they do become available, you will need a valid HOL ID and have registered it with a password.

When you registered for HOL, you are automatically assigned your HOL ID and asked to register your ID into the HOL Office system. This will give you access not just to your HOL Profile, but also your Personal Page (which even in the words of the Headmaster, is very "Myspace-y") and various other things you may not have previously been able to access.

Once you are registered and logged in on HOL, click the link "HOL CLASSES" that can be found under the table on the right side of HOL's main page ( http://www.hol.org.uk/ ) called "Quick Links". There, it will not only list the classes you are currently attending (if you are signed up to one) but also all classes you teach/co-teach/assist and then finally all the remaining classes available at HOL that you do not attend.

Beneath the list of your classes (under the heading "Classes I Take") there WILL BE (it's not there now, but there will be) a link available that will ask you to sign up for a class. You are to click that, which will then take you to another page where you will see a list of available classes - the name of the class, the professor, and the type of class (one-term, or full-year). As an example, last year's looked like this:

SIGN UP | Divinations
............ | (Prof. Sybil Trelawney, Full-Term Class)

To sign up for the class, click the words "SIGN UP". You have ONE CHANCE to choose classes, so please think about which class you'd like to sign up for and THEN click! You cannot undo the classes you have chosen. You may choose up to five classes at any given time (i.e. you can take max. five full-year courses or ten one-term courses spread out throughout the year).

Once you sign up for that class, you will be "Unconfirmed" until that Professor either accept or deny you in that class.

Q: When I signed up, it said I'm 'unconfirmed'. Does that mean the the teacher didn't accept me into the class or does it mean that he/she didn't check yet? And why does the teacher even have to confirm this?

A: It means you've not yet been either accepted or rejected - many professors won't do this until they've closed their signups, so patience is all that's required. If you are accepted, the 'unconfirmed' will change to 'class member', and if not, it'll change to 'dropped out' with a reason beside it, which will usually be 'too many sign-ups'.

Professors have to individually accept or decline all the students who sign up - some classes have several hundred students signing up, and some professors simply don't have the free time to manage a class that large. So, unfortunately, some students may have to be turned away from certain classes. The professor will usually make that clear in their class information though, if that is the case.

There are several other reasons for the system that's in use, but the one I've given above is the main one as far as initial signups are concerned. Other reasons include the occasional student who hasn't read the class information and has signed up for an 'advanced' class without taking the 'beginner's' class first.

Some professors might also have a certain requirement that you would need to fulfill before you can be accepted into the class, such as an introductory assignment - so keep an eye out for this.

Professors will not take long to confirm students, so I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

In the case that a professor DOES NOT confirm you within a certain range of time, unfortunately it may mean two things. One is that they overlooked your registration, in which case, you can PM/Email them informing them to please confirm them. Or else it means that the professor disappeared/the class went inactive. You will be dropped from it (likely) and allowed to choose a new class. (See below)

Q: I want to take a full-year class, but it is closed for sign ups. Can I still sign up for it halfway through the year?

A: Whether or not a full-year class opens for new students during the Spring Term is up to the professor in charge. Sometimes they do allow new students to join their classes. However, some professors prefer not to have new students to join their classes halfway through the year. This might be because the information presented during the second term builds on the knowledge that students would have gained during the first term.

Q: How long will classes be open to sign up?

A: Class sign ups are open for as long as the professor running the class wants it open. That can be anywhere from a week up until the end of the first month of term. This is all based on how many students the professor is willing to accept to his or her class.

However, a good majority of all classes on HOL have unlimited student registration, and remains open until all class sign ups are closed. So do not worry. It is very unlikely that you won't get to sign up for a class you want.

As mentioned previously, if you happen to miss the official class sign up period, you can send a message to the person teaching the class you are interested in and ask if they can manually add you to their class. However, if sign ups are still open, then rather sign up yourself.

Q: I signed up for five classes during the Autumn Term. In order to sign up for five new classes during the Spring Term, I have to wait until all five classes from last term to be closed by the professor, right?

A: In short, yes.


Q: What are Quills?

A: They are the item required in order to graduate to the next year. They can sometimes be acquired through contests, but the easiest way to acquire them is through doing class homework.

Q: How many Quills do we need to graduate to the next year?

A: Taken from the ASK A PREFECT FAQ:

{You} need to have at least 2 (TWO) QUILLS by the end of the schoolyear.

Q: How do we get a Quill? And how many quills can we get from a class?

A: ALSO from the ASK A PREFECT FAQ (do you see a pattern here?):

QUILLS are awards given by professors to students for passing a class. A professor will award one QUILL to the student in the HOL Office.

Every Professor can give one QUILL per term and student, this makes a total of 3 QUILLS for a class that runs the whole schoolyear, 2 QUILLS from two term classes, and ONE QUILL from a one-term class. But QUILLS are not bound to classes only, they can be earned in contests, for work in the library or a school publication, and the Heads of House or the Headoffice can give out QUILLS to students. QUILLS have no house point value, they are only good for graduation.[/quote]

Q: When are Quills awarded?

A: Ideally at the end of every term. This can take time however. So basically, they are awarded when they are awarded. Just be patient.

General Classes

Q: I had a class where the professor went missing, and I don't know what to do! Will the class be cancelled so I can sign up for a new class?

A: That is up to the Head Office and the professor in charge of the class to decide if the inactivity warrants the class to be cancelled in order to allow the students to try for a more active one.

In the case of a professor being totally inaccessible and no contact is made within a given time frame, then most likely the class will be cancelled.

One Term Classes

Q: I had a one-term class last term, that is now over. But when I tried to sign up for a new class, it said I'm in five classes already. Why is my one term class still in progress?

A: One term classes can't be closed until Quills are awarded, which has to be done manually by the HOL Office Admin - something that may take awhile. So you may have to wait. Once Quills are awarded, the classes will be closed and you can sign up for a new class.

Q: Do one term classes reopen again each term or are they only offered during a particular term?

A: That depends on the professor teaching it. Some may choose to run their classes again during the Autumn term and/or Spring term, some may decide not to re-teach it. It's all based on luck really if the teacher decides to bring it back.

Class Lessons and Assignments

Q: How Do We Send Our Class Asignments?

A: That depends on the professor. The two most common trends are either having the assignment emailed via an email provided to you by the professor, or the professor requires you to submit your assignment on the class forum. There are also other methods that include submitting it via a form provided on the class webpage as well.

Basically, it depends on the class and depends on the professor. We would suggest you to read the class outline to get a clear idea on the hows of submitting homework for that class.

If you are sending in your work via email, remember to label it properly and to include your HOL Name, HOL-ID and House in the body of the email as this makes it a lot easier for the professors or student teachers to grade the work. Also, most professors don't accept attachments, so when sending in your answers, they should be in the body of the email. If you are sending in an image, upload it onto an image-hosting site and include the link to it in your email.

If you do not have an email address that you feel comfortable using for HOL, then you can just create a new email address using an email service such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail.

Q: How come when I click on the lessons for this month, I get a page that say this page cannot be found?

A: Most likely, the lesson is not up for the class. But be patient, and remember that professors have real lives too, and sometimes it can interfere with how soon they can post new lessons. You should receive some sort of word on what is going on via class forum/website.

If it comes to a point where you become extremely concerned about the lack of lessons (say there were no new lessons 2-3 weeks into the month), and there has been no communication regarding the delay, you can try to email the professor in question in hopes of receiving an answer.

Q: If you missed lesson 1 and it is too late to give it in, can you still do the next lesson?

A: Some classes have mandatory assignments, and some do not. If the class has mandatory assignments, it means that the prof might drop you from the class if you miss an assignment. However, if you are still in the class, you can still do the assignments. I'd say every prof here would love it for you to do the assignments. We all run in to problems and either forget or don't have time to complete an assignment. My advice is to go ahead and do the next lesson.

Sometimes, it's nice to do the first lesson anyway--even if you missed the deadline. Professors spend a lot of time writing lessons and assignments, so it's nice when people put in the effort to do the assignments.

There is a chance though that a few points might be taken off for lateness, but that shouldn't stop you from still sending in the work if you want to do so.

So the short answer: Yes.

A quick thanks to Tarma Black for her help in this (<3s), and all the prefects and professors I have shamelessly stolen answers from for this. :P

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