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Postby Prof. Gustavo Flores » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:14 am

This is the place where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the class! You can tell us why you decided to take this class, what other HOL classes you are taking, what do you like doing, which your favorite Disney Movie or Disney Moment, or anything else you think convenient. Remember that, if you wish, this can be 10 points worth of assignment or extra credit.

I'll start myself:

I'm Prof. Gustavo Flores, from the fantastic and noble Ravenclaw House. I am Mexican, I am 28 years old. I studied Communications, and have a Master Degree in Education. I am a High-School Professor, teaching "Spanish" and "Literature"!! I truly love my job! It's easily one of the best things that has happened to me! Ok, what else?? Literature, Cinema, and dancing are the activities I enjoy doing the most! I'm always reading a book, I can never say no when it's about watching a movie, and most of my free time is spent in dancing rehearsals or dancing classes (jazz, contemporary jazz, flexibility).
The performing parts are hugh part of my life as well! I have been fortunate enough to perform in professional school productions, in plays like "The Phantom of the Opera", "Beauty and the Beast", "Shrek: The Musical", "The Wizard of Oz", among others. My favorite being, (you guessed it right!) "Beauty and the Beast"

Besides Disney Studies: The Classics, I am also teaching Care of Magical Pets, Career Advice: Planning your Future, and Dance Academy: Ballet! Make sure to check them out!

My favorite Disney Movie?? This is such a hard question!!! I always keep moving between Oliver and Company, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast! I guess it just depends on my mood!!

So, who's next?! Nice to meet you all!! And can't wait to begin!!

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Re: Introductions

Postby Kendra Givens » Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:55 pm

Hi Everybody!

My name is Kendra Givens, and I will be your class assistant this term! I am a second year Ravenclaw reserve prefect, and I am also a member of the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team (Go RQT!) This is my first time ever being a class assistant, and I am very excited to be hanging out with all of you and Professor Gus. Along with assisting in this class and two others, I am taking five classes (Care of Magical Creatures, Puzzles 101, Typography Basics, Dueling 101, and The Battle of Hogwarts). If you're looking for me, I am usually hanging out on IRC. You can also send me a message on HOL or the class email if you need anything.

In real life, I am 28, live in the United States, and am a high school counselor. For fun, I play flute in the local community wind symphony. I love a good book, board game, or word puzzle. My goal for the year (other than passing 10 classes and being an awesome assistant) is to create a Philosophy 101 class that I can teach on HOL sometime in the near future, because I LOVE any sort of deep conversation.

As far as favorite Disney movies are concerned, I don't think I have any I dislike...if I had to pick, it would probably be Beauty and the Beast.

I hope you all have a wonderful term!


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