Week 8 - Quodpot

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Matilde Rayne
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Week 8 - Quodpot

Post by Matilde Rayne » Sun Oct 18, 2015 7:26 pm

Week 8's broom game is Quodpot! Abraham Peasegood invented Quodpot after an incident during his trip to the United States, in which he was tossing around a quaffle he brought with him and it exploded in his face! Turns out, his wand and quaffle had come in contact with each other in his luggage and the interaction had somehow altered the quaffle and gave it explosive properties! Because leather balls blowing up in people's faces is extremely amusing, Abraham went about fashioning a brand new game, based on getting a series of balls - which he called Quods - into a pot at the end of the pitch before they explode (if you happened to be holding a Quod when it exploded, you'd be knocked out of the game... perhaps by being pulled out by a referee, or perhaps more literally - take that as you will).

For the IRC version of Quodpot, we'll be splitting participants into two teams. There will be a series of HP trivia questions, where every player answers every question. The person who answers a question correctly first will earn points for their team - unless the Quod explodes on them! If you answer first when the Quod explodes, you'll be knocked out and can't answer any more questions for that round. The team that has the most points once everyone's been knocked out of the game wins!

If you need any help getting on IRC, feel free to send Arielle or Mattie a message and we'd be happy to help you get you started!

As with last week, all participants will receive beans from this week's sponsors. If you're interested in sponsoring this week, please send a message to Arielle and/or Mattie, letting us know the name you would like to donate in and the number of beans you want to contribute for the week!

The dates for Quodpot are:

1. Saturday October 24 at 2 am HOL time / Friday October 23 at 9 pm EST
2. Saturday October 24 at 9 pm HOL time / Saturday October 24 at 4 pm EST

If you are interested in playing, sign up below! Please include whether you expect to come for Match 1, Match 2, or both!
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Joey Stark
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Re: Week 8 - Quodpot

Post by Joey Stark » Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:06 pm

Sign me up for match 2!
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Ivelisse Ada
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Re: Week 8 - Quodpot

Post by Ivelisse Ada » Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:13 pm

I'm down for match 1!
Thank you to Prof. Kyrie Adderholt!!
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Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
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Re: Week 8 - Quodpot

Post by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:05 pm

Match 1 please (maybe perhaps 2)
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Arianna Stonewater
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Re: Week 8 - Quodpot

Post by Arianna Stonewater » Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:30 pm

match 2 please!
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Will Lestrange
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Re: Week 8 - Quodpot

Post by Will Lestrange » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:09 am

I remember this game!

3/4 chance that I''ll make game 1 and 3/4 chance that I''ll make game 2.
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Prof. Limine Snidget
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Re: Week 8 - Quodpot

Post by Prof. Limine Snidget » Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:27 pm

Both, possibly >>
Bull J. Johnson
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Re: Week 8 - Quodpot

Post by Bull J. Johnson » Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:57 am

I'm finally back from vacation so I'll be here for Fridays game.
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Prof. Arielle Lemoyne
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Re: Week 8 - Quodpot

Post by Prof. Arielle Lemoyne » Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:37 pm

Quodpot has come to an end! No more explosions! Or at least, no more explosions actually being a part of the game. We're not making any promises about any other dangerous accidents >>

Congratulations to our Quodpot participants - Cody Lewis, Ivelisse Ada, Bull J. Johnson, Keith Mauldin, Will Lestrange, Tarma Black, Allyson Celestra, Maxim Trevelyn, Ashley Margaret, Kaiwa Alexandra

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors, each of these players has received 350 beans!

Each day we had two teams compete each other in several rounds of quodpot!

Friday's matchup:
Team A: Cody, Ive, BJ, Keith v.Team B: Will, Tarma, Aly, Mattie
Team B started off with a win in round 1: 26-14! Round 2 featured a lot of unlucky explosions, and a final score of Team A: 8, Team B: 0. Round three was super close - BJ scored the winning points, allowing for a win by Team A: 18-17. Finally, Team A won the last two rounds, 17-9, and 13-1.

Saturday's matchup:
Team A: Cody, Maxim, Mattie v. Team B: Will, Tarma, Ashley, Kaiwa
Team B won the first round 9-3. Team A came back in the second round, with a high-scoring 31-14. The next two rounds were much closer - Team A won both, 19-16 in round 3, and 16-15 in round 4, with Maxim scoring the winning points! Round 5 was very unlucky for everyone, with Team A winning 4-2. Finally, Will's luck turned around in the final round, as he lead Team B to win 5-3.

Our sponsors for this week were:
Maxwell Shadow
The Accidental Magic Reversal Squad - (Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis)
Za'Lord's Guard - Pizza or Death! - (Prof. Tarma Amelia Black)
Quidditch Olympics Sponsor #3 - (Prof. Cody Lewis)

By random number generator, the winner of the sponsorship drawing for week 8 is...Prof. Tarma Amelia Black

Hope to see you all back next week for Stitchstock!

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