Week 6 - Logic Puzzles!

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Week 6 - Logic Puzzles!

Post by Matilde Rayne » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:33 am

For this week's forum activity, we're highlighting two of the things that make the seeking side of HOL Quidditch so fun - finding clues and solving logic puzzles!

You have two options this week - though you're more than welcome to do both!

Write a Puzzle!

Participate in our "logic puzzle exchange" and share a new puzzle with your fellow HOLers! The puzzle can be any size, any difficulty, and of any form, as long as it can still be considered a logic puzzle. Harry Potter or HOL themed puzzles are encouraged! You can post any puzzles directly in this topic, but if you solve someone else's puzzle and want to check your answer, please do that through HOL message or PM, so others can solve the puzzle for themselves! :)

Solve a Puzzle!
Five of Hogwarts' seekers have "souvenir snitches" from games they are particularly proud of for some reason, whether it be a game they won against a rival House or a game where they made a very quick catch.

Unfortunately, all five of them have lost their snitches somewhere at Hogwarts and they need to get them back! To help out the seekers, we need you to figure out the location where each seeker lost their snitch (one was lost in the Great Hall) - and just for fun, also figure out which House each seeker was playing against and how long it took them to make the catch (15, 30, 60, 120, or 240 minutes).
However, while we were looking for the lost snitches, Arielle and I followed in those seekers' footsteps and lost the clues, as well!

There are five clues hidden around the HOL forum. You'll need to find them all to solve!
You'll earn 20 beans for each snitch/clue you find, and an additional 50 beans for solving the puzzle!

Please send a PM to either me or Arielle with any clue locations and/or the puzzle solution.

Good luck!
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Re: Week 6 - Logic Puzzles!

Post by Kim Alting » Sun Oct 04, 2015 7:06 pm

Four Hogwarts friends are going on a holiday trip. They each sleep in different bungalows in a row:
There are four bungalows, each are made of different materials:

Neville's bungalow is somewhere to the left of the wooden one and the third one along is brick.
Hermione sleeps in a straw bungalow and Harry does not sleep at either end, but lives somewhere to the right of the glass bungalow.
Ron sleeps in the fourth bungalow, whilst the first bungalow is not made from straw.
Who lives where, and what is their bungalow made from?
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