Tips for new players!

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Tips for new players!

Post by Prof. Arielle Lemoyne » Wed Aug 26, 2015 2:24 am

Tips for new players!

The trivia bots are programs that various people have as an added component to their irc. If you have any specific questions about them, don't ask me because I can't figure it out, but Mattie has three very well maintained bots, so you can definitely go to her! We'll be using trivia bots in a number of our events this olympics, and they're also a great way to practice alone. You can almost always find a bot in #quidpractice, and you can also ask your house captains (Mattie and Arielle in Ravenclaw, Rosemarie and Cody in Slytherin, Marcie and Lilly in Hufflepuff, Jenny in Gryffindor) whether they have a bot you can use as well.

Here are some of the basics:

Each bot has a command - such as @, !, :, and ~. The bot will (usually) introduce itself and tell you what its command is when you enter the channel. You use the command with a particular word to operate the bot.
  • @trivia (or !trivia, :trivia, ~triva, etc.) starts the trivia bot.
  • @strivia(or !strivia, :strivia, etc.) ends the trivia round
  • @pause (or !pause, etc.) allows you to take a break but continue where you left off when you come back. If you're leaving for more than couple minutes, it's best to just use strivia.
So here's what happens:
You enter the channel, #quidpractice, or a channel your captains have directed you to, the bot will probably say something like "Type ~trivia to start botting". So, you type "~trivia", and the first question will come up! If it seems really hard, don't worry, most bots give two hints before time runs out. It will look something like this:

<Hawke> 1. Where was the prophecy concerning the person who could vanquish Voldemort made (specifics)?
<Hawke> Here's a hint, ____ __ov_ t__ ___ _t ___ Hog_ H___
<Hawke> Here's a hint, __om ab___ _he b__ _t the Ho_s __ad
<Hawke> Time's up! The answer was: room above the bar at the Hogs Head

It's often good practice to type out the answer once it comes up if you didn't know it.

There is no penalty at all for wrong answers, so just keep guessing! There are some questions like "What color.....?" so you can "spam" answers by just typing every color you can think of until you get it.

Another thing that's useful to know, is the bots only accept whatever answers the person who owns the bot has included in their list. Many times there are more than one correct wording of an answer, but they might not necessarily be coded into the bot (it takes a lot of time to do that!). So if you think you're right, but the bot isn't accepting your answer, try other orders of words and things, and know that in a real game, your answer would have likely been accepted.

If we're using a bot during one of the events, we'll be there to get things started and make sure everyone knows what's going on. And you can always come to us with any questions!

1lr - You may hear people using the terms "0lr", "1lr", or "2lr". This refers to the number of incorrect letters in your answer. In most cases, you are allowed one incorrect letter in your answer. For example, if the answer is "Harry Potter" you would be correct if you typed "Arry Potter" "Harky Potter" "Harry Pooter", but not "Jarry Jotter", because that has two incorrect letters. Now here comes the complicating part: if the answer is only one word long, you get "0lr" meaning zero letters can be incorrect - it must be typed perfectly. so if the answer is "harry", "arry, harky, or jarry" would not be accepted.

BLUDGER!! Whenever you see that come up, you need to get out of the way by typing "dodge". It must be typed perfectly!

Punctuation and capital letters, while they may appear as part of the answer, are never required. Most people leave them out.

There's never a penalty for incorrect answers in any game so it doesn't hurt to try! If you think you know it but aren't sure of the wording, if you have a guess, or even 15 guesses and want to get them all out there, go for it!

There will be explanations of each game posted each week, and if you need more clarification you only have to ask. We hope to see a lot of new people and we are always more than willing to help you get started! :)

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