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All videos included in the lessons are HOL appropriate, I have checked. Unfortunately some of the comments on youtube may not be so I recommend you watch the video on the class website and don't click onto any external site.


I want your privacy to be protected during this course so I recommend that if you choose to submit a video for your extra credit that you record an audio track and then use a static image of something that isn't you! You should never give away too much information about yourself online and your photograph is included in this! Keep your identity safe! If you're not sure what I mean by this you can use this video as an example (yes that's me!).
  • For these extra credit assignments you can sing with a backing track (karaoke found on youtube maybe?) or acapella, whatever is easier for you.
  • Don't worry if your recording equipment isn't very good. The mic on most phones/mp3 players should be sufficient.
  • Once you have your audio track it is very easy to make a video using Windows Movie Maker, which is free (I'm sure there's some mac equivalent), by applying a picture to run over your entire audio track.
  • If you just want to present part of a song that's fine, I just ask that it's at least a minute if you wish to get full marks!
  • If you're not much of singer DON'T WORRY! I just want to see that you've made an effort and that you understand the character of the songs. If you can get an accent (where appropriate) that's even better.
  • There will be an award for everyone who sends in a video extra credit!
  • If you want to record yourself playing the music from the show, rather than singing, that's fine too! Any instrument is fine, whatever you can do!
  • You can upload your videos to any file sharing website which allows videos (photobucket or even youtube is fine). Please do not send attachments, they will not be opened!
  • If you simply want to send the audio track without finishing up a video that's fine too!
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