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Muggle Quidditch

Postby Lucy Tyler » Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:18 pm

So I was super surprised not to see any threads chatting about muggle quidditch.
It's something I'm really passionate about- I play for my local community team. We might not be the best team in our state, but we're very friendly and enthusiastic, and we're competing in the Australian nationals this year for the first time which we're really excited about!

For those who might not have heard of real-life quidditch before, it's played between two teams of 7, like in the books- a keeper, two beaters, three chasers, and a seeker. The brooms used are mostly lengths of PVC pipe with grip tape wrapped around them. The quaffle is a volleyball, which and the bludgers are three dodgeballs- if you get hit by one, you've been 'knocked off your broom', and have to dismount and run back to your hoops before you can rejoin the game. You score, of course, with the quaffle through the three hoops at each end. The snitch is someone wearing yellow, with what basically amounts to a tennis ball in a sock attached to the back of their shorts, which has to be grabbed to end the game (and is only worth 30 points, because as wonderful as quidditch is in the books, 150 points is ridiculous :P )

So, are there any other quidditch players around? Has anyone else seen a game, or heard of the sport? Is there anyone else so incredibly excited as I am about Australia winning the world cup in Germany? (Probably not, I was pretty much as excited as it's possible to be!)

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