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Graduation 2018

Postby Prof. Dario Brighton » Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:35 pm

Congratulations to those advancing to the next year!

First to Second Year

Cat Yuna
Draco Riddle
Ellis Nash
Hermione Draco
Ingvild Ogden
Lena Bauer
Limo Liao
Pandora Blackwood
Ravenna Mills
Resyarrina Elora
Shadow Gaunt
Trinity Anne Silvers
Vanessa Tilley
Ziana Rhapsody

Second to Third Year

Alexander Brighton
Anna Snape
Gail Allen
Hope Stark
Kaitlyn Nightingale
Kendra Givens
Siobhan Sullivan
Zach Jameson

Third to Fourth Year

Arianna Stonewater
Arlynn Cassidy
Astaria Rivers
Bianca Delacroix
Kathren Johnsun
Magnus Ward
Maxim Trevelyan
Medea de Troja
Patrick James
Ravariel Aiwince

Fourth to Fifth Year

Amanda P.X. Sim
Arnora Eleniel
Aurelia West
Brian Stavrum
Cassiopeia Almara
Kim Alting
Mortiana Blaque

Fifth to Sixth Year

Amanda Summers
Guinevere Avalon
Hannah R Thomas
Meredith Malkins
Pavel Lagrange
Polaris Black
Saena DeCobra
Sky Alton
Will Lestrange

Sixth to Seventh Year

Ellie Warhol
Emma Borg
Shiloh Adlar

Seventh Year to Post Graduate
You have earned your HOL diploma!

Alex Sparks
Astrid Black
Katelin Ross
Olivia Thorneblood
Scarlett Lacarnum
Sirius Fudge


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