Professor/Student Teacher Applications are now open!

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Professor/Student Teacher Applications are now open!

Postby Prof. Zoki Phantom » Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:25 pm

CLASS APPLICATIONS are now OPEN! They will be open until January 20th.


When considering whether or not you will apply to be a Professor or Student Teacher, you need to keep a few things in mind.

1) You must be 17 or older to be a full-fledged professor. Student Teachers can be a bit younger.
2) We ask that you have your website up and running (and active!) with links to at least two lessons so that the HO can have the best information possible when reviewing your application. You must also have your Quill requirements and your points breakdown already established.
3) The MAXIMUM points you may give is 30 points per submission. This means 30 for Class Work and 30 for Class Extra Work. If this needs further explanation, please PM one of the members of the HO. You may award one Quill per term per class. Exams should be worth NO MORE THAN 30 points!
4) Plagiarism is absolutely NOT allowed within HOL. Do NOT copy your lessons directly from another source--and, credit any sources you do use.
5) Professors may gain points, BUT they do not go toward the multiplier! Student Teachers may gain points like regular students.
6) We will be LIMITING the amount of Student Teachers we accept this year!!!! After reviewing applications, we will make an informed decision on how many NEW Student Teachers we will allow.

Consider carefully whether or not you want to be a full fledged Professor or a Student Teacher. BOTH Professors and ST's are required to sign the Prof/ST FAQ each term and are required to adhere to the rules and expected behavior of a member of HOL. In other words, we all have to behave!

Professors MUST teach at least 1 class, no matter what type of other positions they hold (be it HoH, DHoH, or anything else), or their status will be changed to Emeritus.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please send a HOL Message to the Head Office.

What kind of classes are we looking for?

-- Classes that have some tie in to the HP universe are usually a good thing. For instance, we teach Herbology, which is one of the Canon classes in the HP universe--but, we don't teach it the way Professor Sprout does!

-- Lessons that are well thought out and of a good length get high marks from us. Take a look at the lessons that are being taught now--how long are they? What kind of subject matter do they use? Our current and active classes are always good to use as a rule of thumb.

-- What is already being taught? We don't need 25 Muggle Studies classes! LOL If someone is already teaching it, you might want to either choose a different subject or find a way to make it more unique.

-- If you don't have a working website and/or at least TWO lessons/assignments up, that's not a good sign. Don't make us check back continuously. We don't go on a first-come/first-serve system. So, if taking a few extra days helps make your class better-take a few extra days. Two weeks after each term starts, all classes (old and new) must have ALL the lessons and exams and projects ready. If not, the class will be closed and the students can then choose another class.

--Check twice before submitting if you want to teach a ONE TERM class or a FULL YEAR class. (Autumn term only)

-- 7th years who are Student Teachers or are wanting to teach next term. After you graduate, you can no longer *be* a Student Teacher. You'll need to apply as a Professor.

DO NOT e-mail, HOL Message, or PM the Head Office (or anyone else) asking when our decisions will be announced. This is annoying. Don't do it. We will inform everyone when the decision is made--NOT before that time.

However, if you have any *other* questions, please feel free to contact us--AFTER you've read this post at least once.

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Re: Professor/Student Teacher Applications are now open!

Postby Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis » Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:26 am

Giving this a quick bump!

If you want to teach a class next term, you have a few weeks to get your application in!

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