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Postby Rames » Sat Aug 18, 2007 12:56 pm

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Class Sign-Ups are open now. Log in to HOL (Main Site), go to HOL Classes and you can sign up for up to five classes at a time.

For all Fifth Years: The OWL Class is mandatory for you. You can not sign up for the OWL Class, you will be added manually by the Headoffice. You need to pass the OWL Class to pass the year.

For all Seventh Years: NEWT exams are in the Spring Term, probably around Easter 2008. There is no NEWT Class that you can take, but instead there will be a Preparation Course available (no homework or house points, just for you to prepare for the NEWT exam which will be "live" and certainly not that easy). You will be able to drop 4 subjects for your NEWTs and you have to pass 5 of the remaining 8 to graduate in HOL.

On October 1st all sign-ups will be closed but professors can close their classes for new students from September 1st on if there are no more available spots.

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