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Postby Rames » Tue Aug 07, 2007 12:24 pm

Hello HOL smile.gif

We have now officially closed the last school year (2006/07). House Points and Classes have been reset and graduation has happened.

Winner of the House Cup 2007: HUFFLEPUFF

Winner of the Quidditch Cup 2007: RAVENCLAW

Congratulations to both houses, you will be the challenged ones next school year!


Class Signup is scheduled to open on August 18th. There is no need to hurry as it will stay open for all classes until the end of August, and classes that are not full by then can stay open until the end of September.

If you have not graduated last school year, but you think you should have advanced to the next year, you can post in my office why you think so and I will look into this. Deadline for this is August 17th, after that date I can not make any more changes to your year status.

The new school year (HOL 2007/08) will officially begin on September 1st. That is when the points tables will open, homework can be submitted and so on... It's our seventh year already, isn't that great?

For our Seventh Years we will have a big huge NEWT exam next spring. There will be a prep course for this exam. You can drop 4 out of 12 subjects, you have to take 8 and you have to pass 5 to graduate HOL and be come the first students who successfully completed all seven years in HOL.

Enjoy the summer smile.gif

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Postby Prof. Angelus Darklost » Tue Aug 07, 2007 2:11 pm

Congratulations Badgers and Eagles!!!

You all astound me daily with your skills, talents, and know-how! Very well deserved recognition for all of you!!!

*hands out llama-shaped cookies with purple frosting to all Badgers and Eagles*
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