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Postby Rames » Tue Jul 31, 2007 11:33 pm

Hello Everybody!

When I wrote the signup script I did not expect that more than 1000 people with the same two letter combination would sign up (here names starting with "Ma"), so the script was only checking the 3 digits after "ma" for the latest assigned student id, picks the highest number and assigns the next one to that student. As the highest 3-digit number is 999, everyone has gotten ma1000 (and as this is taken already has been lost in cyberspace).

Everyone whose first name starts with "Ma" and who signed up after July 24th, and who is not Marin Cendana (Gryffindor) gets an ID manually from me now:

Marie Michaels - ma1001
Magicus Letum - ma1002
Mark Woods - ma1003
Matt Staveson - ma1004
Madi Helsing - ma1005
Marie Johnson - ma1006
Mathue Minnesota - ma1007
Mary Hopkins - ma1008
Mandy Ross - ma1009
Maxwell Black - ma1010
Matriaya McAllester - ma1011

I'm also just deleting invalid HOL Names, like "Teddy Lupin". Don't be offended that we won't go through all the hassle of a name change - it is your own fault that you now have to sign up again because you chose not to read or even ignore the naming rules on the signup page.

Have a nice summer.

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