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Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2005 7:56 am
by Emma
The Forum part of the HOL Handbook is back online and updated, you can find it here:

Please read it carefully.

I insist on the 3.5.2 part, about ANY HP6 (Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince) spoiler you might get the need to post.
Everyone NEEDS to read (and reread, and rereread):
- the GUIDELINES posted here:
- the topic about the SPOILER TAGS posted here:

There was already a spoiler topic posted this morning in The Great Hall which had to be deleted. This is just unacceptable, the worse thing you can do is spoil this book to someone who has been waiting for it for several years. If something like that happens again, I will honestly personally ban the author from posting anything till Christmas. No hesitation.