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Wizarding World Book Club Discussions

Post by Shiloh Adlar » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:17 am

After Tarma posted what she did about the Wizarding World Book Club, I was immediately excited about it. I thought, why can't we have our own discussions on here about the questions that are asked? Or maybe there are questions that you have that you would like to ask other HOL members?

The WW Book Club is going with weekly themes while reading or re-reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and the first week's theme was Magic and the Muggle World. The questions that they have posed so far are:

1. Is the wizarding world as secretive as it likes to believe?
2. Why do you think the Dursley's are so afraid of magic?
3. What makes Hagrid so trustworthy?

You can use these questions as a place to start, pose a question of your own, or discuss something else that is related to the theme of Magic and the Muggle World.

As for me, I think I'll answer with my views on question 2. I've always imagined that the Dursley's are afraid of magic because they're main wish was to fit into society. Magic is something that is strange and unknown by the muggle world and if people were to find that Petunia was related to a witch, they may see them as outcasts. Due to this, they want nothing to do with the magical world at all. People have a tendency to be afraid or reject what they do not understand.

There is also the fact that Lily was the special one in the family while Petunia never had any magical gifts. Is it possible that there was jealousy there for her sister which is why she wanted nothing to do with her? Let's also not forget that they know the real reason Harry's parents are dead, whether they tell this to Harry at first or not. I think that knowing magic is what killed his parents would also leave fear, especially now that Harry is living with them and has re-entered that world. They understand it's dangers and if one chooses to not see or think about it, then they can't be affected by it. Or so they might believe.

Now it's your turn. Join in! And if you are joining, be sure to post here to let us know how excited you are as well!
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