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Postby Prof. Ulol Kimil » Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:22 am

As you can tell, we've opened up a new place here at HOL Hogwarts, wherein you may discuss Pottermore.

Pottermore is a whole new opportunity to participate in a Harry Potter environment.

Don't push! Don't shove! The gates will be open on October 1st!

Some few victims volunteers have been confunded found their way into Pottermore and are helping to find the thestrals, chimaera and other assorted dangerous beasties, as well as rooms full of flobberworms, cockroach clusters and kittens. And sheets with holes in them ...

Do you like the idea of Pottermore? Why or why not?

Have you joined it? Have you received your email saying you may enter and be part of the experiment(s)?

If the answer to that is 'yes', how many cauldrons have you melted?

What House were you Sorted into? Are you happy, or unhappy, with that Sorting? (Ha ha you can't squib in Pottermore.)

So please feel free to post in here but use spoilers if you are saying much more than you are in or are not in, what your Pottermore name is (if you feel like sharing it and what House you were Sorted into.

About sharing your Pottermore identity -- it is up to you if you share it or not. If someone is hassling you to tell what it is, that just shows how rude they are and has no reflection upon you. If they continue to hassle you, please tell a Prefect (or someone who knows how to do really good Bat-Bogey Hexes) because rudeness is not what HOL Hogwarts is about.

If you want to talk about Harry Potter in a more general sense, please visit the General Harry Potter forum.
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