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Re: Quidditch Pickups... the 2017-18 Edition

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:59 am
by Will Lestrange
This evening, things may have been delayed by an incident with... a Muggle elevator, but we still had fun out there on the pitch!

First we did a couple of 'shooting gauntlet' rounds (where one person faces off against everyone else in a series of 1v1s) on the Cascade set. I was the first volunteer to be the 'challenger'; Scarlet was the second challenger (and we both won our challenges fairly comfortably). But then it was time to make our teams before the Quod came out! The choice people had to make to set up their teams was made a lot earlier than tonight though... it was made five or ten years ago when we all chose our names for this school. That's right: some people took four-letter names and other people took longer names when we signed up here, and it was that choice that determined our teams!

We started out with a quick game with the regular set for variety's sake. Things started out great for the four-letter team, which answered the first four questions and jumped off to a 6-0 lead. But why 6-0 and not 10-0? Because blue flames would knock out Will! The next seven questions all went in favor of those who had chosen longer names (they answered six correctly; the seventh was a harmless explosion) giving them a 12-6 lead, but then Tarma got exploded by a rabbit on the next question, followed immediately by Hermione Granger exploding Scarlet... and Amos Diggory exploding Shiloh (but not before she earned another point with the help of Clubs). At this point, Emma was the last one standing - with her team trailing 13-6. Could she pull off a comeback for the four-letter comeback? When she answered four of the next five questions right (and the one in the middle was a harmless explosion) to pull within one, it looked like she would pull it off! But then, 'that lunatic elf' did her in and exploded her (Dobby may mess up Quidditch games with Bludgers, but it is Kreacher who messes up Quodpot games!) so the final score was 13-12 in favor of the long-named team.

Then we switched back to the Cascade set. After the first four questions, the four-letter team had a 6-4 lead, and the fifth question was a known explosion where we were asked to name Ravenclaw Dumbledore's Army members... but we named Ravenclaw HOL students instead. The next four questions alternated beween the long-names team and the four-letter teams, allowing Tarma to tie things at eight before the four-letter team reclaimed a 12-8 lead. But then, Emma was felled by The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore, leaving just one person left on the four-letter team! And the long-name teams got three of the next four questions, but two of them were explosions: on consecutive questions, snowy owls felled Shiloh and Narcissa Black felled Scarlet! The next four questions went to the four-letter team, giving them a commanding 23-10 lead. Then it was time for a known explosion - on biographies - but the only biography we named, "The Chronicles of C.W. Lewis", was fortunately not the trigger for an explosion (that would have been my personal favorite book, "Prefects who Gained Power"). After Tarma got a point on Arabella Figg, Will was felled by Maisie Cattermole and Tarma was killed by backgammon, ending the game at 23-11 in favor of the four-letter team.

Tarma had to leave onto her next round of adventures, but the games continued. However, a Dementor attack may or may not have made the Quod more temperamental than usual. In fact, the Quod was so explosive in the next game that five of the ten questions ended in explosions: the triggers were 'planner' (which got Scarlet), 'bronze' (which got Will), 'Warrington' (which got Shiloh), 'Fainting Fancy' (which got no one), and 'Hermione Granger' (which got Emma) - with the final score 3-1 in favor of the team with long names.

The next game was only slightly less explosive, but it lasted exactly as long: ten questions. The second and third question of the game knocked out Will (sent all the way back to 1422) and Shiloh (who was clubbed by Marcus Flint - making this the second time in a row that Shiloh was exploded by an SQT member... I'm sorry!) It took seven more questions to explode Emma in front of a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon; this time, the score was 6-1 in favor of the team with long names.

The following people showed up: Emma Borg, Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Shiloh Adlar, Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange!

The next pickup takes place in a week and a half in #quidditch, on...

Sunday, April 22 at 10 PM HOL!

Re: Quidditch Pickups... the 2017-18 Edition

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:19 am
by Will Lestrange
Last night, our pickups had to wait for... some incident involving a Muggle vehicle to resolve itself! (And yes, Emma, it was of the same make as some of the vehicles in the "Twilight" series, but different model ;))

Once everything was resolved, everyone got out our cauldrons (large Muggle vehicles are surprisingly good at being able to transport large numbers of cauldrons) for two rounds of Creaothceann... one on the normal set and one on the special Cascade set.

Then, inspired by a discussion about caffeine, everyone decided to choose their favorite performance enhancing potion - either Muggle or Wizarding - and used that to choose teams. But the teams weren't quite unbalanced, so I switched from my natural Wizarding solution of Felix Felicis to a more Muggle, but still delicious, chocolate mocha.

Once teams were set, the Quod came out to play! On the very first question, Will's mocha exploded with the help of the letter C (paragraph C of a certain decree, that is). Three questions later, Shiloh was distracted pondering the meaning of Draco Malfoy's behavior in Knockturn Alley and her (Muggle) green juice exploded her out of the game. The Wizarding team held a small 2-1 lead, which lasted for a few questions (while Emma and her pepperup potion exploded with the help of the Irish chasers: Troy, Mullet, and Moran) until Tarma (and her Muggle coffee) answered three questions in a row, turning a 6-3 deficit into a 9-6 lead. When Scarlet's Elixir to Euphoria succumbed to the brown of wrapping paper, and Tarma answered the next two questions to double the lead to 12-6, it seemed like the Muggle team was going to pull it off! Of course, Tarma and her coffee exploded five questions later, with the help of daffodils, of all things, though the Muggle team had a 17-9 lead at that point. It would be up to Alex and his Felix Felicis (normally disallowed in sporting events, but here in pickups we like to stretch the rules a little ;)) to see if he could narrow that gap! Two questions later, though, Hagrid's excuse that "he has sensitive skin" was enough to fell Alex and the Muggle team won 17-10.

Switching to the Cascade set, it was time for another game! Two questions in, Shiloh's green juice fell thanks to Moony, Wormtaill, Padfoot, and Prongs. But the Muggle team quickly jumped off to a 7-0 lead nonetheless, having gotten all of the first five questions right (including the one that felled Shiloh). The Muggle team got three of the next four too, but the one the Muggle team didn't get gave Scarlet four points, and one of the ones the Muggle team did get when Tarma's own last name (and coffee preference), "Black", ironically took out her coffee. After four unanswered questions, Will and his mocha was felled by his own house ghost, the Bloody Baron. While the Muggle team was up 10-4, they had no players left at this point, and the Wizarding team had all of theirs. The Wizarding team quickly tied the score over the next three questions, but after two unanswered questions, the Quod exploded on Scarlet and her Elixir to Induce Euphoria with the help of Melinda Bobbin. The Wizarding team finally won on the next question, when Emma and her pepperup potion scored with the help of one of her own house Chasers, Adrian Pucey - giving them an 11-10 lead.

There was time for one last game, but Shadow Gaunt had just flown into the pitch with some very tasty hot chocolate! While chocolate is legendary among both Muggle and Wizarding circles, it was ruled to be a Muggle beverage for the purposes of this game. Shadow, of course, is one of the best-known players on the Quodpot pitch... would she make a difference for the last game? While the game started out very close and exciting (the Muggle team got the first two questions and the Wizarding team got the next one, tying the game at 3-3)... the game quickly changed tone after that. The next four questions were answered by Muggle players, giving them a 6-3 lead, but half of them were explosions: Shiloh's green juice was infected by Shrivelfig and Tarma's coffee was 'helped' to its end by Hermione's Helping Hand. It would be 21 questions after that before a Wizarding player answered a question; unfortunately for Emma, her Pepperup Potion was susceptible to being knocked down by a flying Abraxan horse (and her team was down 38-3 at that point anyway). Meanwhile, the Quod's explosions were harmless for a while... until Mayhem at the Ministry caused mayhem for Will's mocha, though not before his Muggle team had extended its lead to 57-3. At this point, the last two drinks standing were Shadow's tasty hot chocolate and Alex's Felix Felicis. Shadow got the next two questions, extending the Muggle lead to 60-3; while Alex would get the one after that, it exploded, making 60-3 the final score on behalf of the Muggle team. Ironically, this match ended just like a regular Quidditch match, with the Golden Snitch (it was that ball that ruined Alex's lucky potion!)

The following people showed up: Alexander Brighton, Emma Borg, Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Shadow Gaunt, Shiloh Adlar, Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange!

The next pickup takes place in a week and a half in #quidditch, on...

Thursday, May 3 at 3:30 AM HOL!

Re: Quidditch Pickups... the 2017-18 Edition

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 6:08 am
by Will Lestrange
The turnout wasn't quite what we were hoping for at last night's pickup, but it didn't stop plenty of fun from being had!

We began with two quick rounds of Xany: one on the normal set and then one on the special Cascade set (once we switched to the Cascade game, we never went back).

When everyone was asked to name Quidditch players, half of us chose Seekers (Regulus Black for me; Roderick Plumpton for Shiloh) and the other half chose Keepers (Oliver Wood for Tarma; Meghan McCormack for Scarlet). So this was how we divided our teams... and the Quod came out to play!

On the very first question, the phenomenom of Priori Incantatem (aligned perfectly with the Goblet of Fire read-along in the dungeons, where we are currently at Chapter 34 this week) knocked me out... and then the Keepers answered three of the next four questions to get to an 8-2 lead. After the explosion of a Quod near a Runespoor head ("and shoulder knees and toes, knees and toes"), the Keepers got four of the next five questions with the other one unanswered. But this only brought their lead to 11-2 because of two explosions: Tarma being done for by the Elder Wand and Scarlet being taken out by Chambers. It was up to Shiloh to try to erase the deficit... could she do it? It looked like "yes" when Shiloh got the next three questions to reduce the lead to 11-8, just one question away from winning... but the Quod exploded on literally every remaining question of the game: from Divination (Shiloh used her skills in that subject to avoid the question, knowing it was bugged) to Seeker (it was very ironic that the last Seeker got out on Seeker). Final score: 11-8 Keepers!

The next game was a lot quicker: although the teams split the first four questions (Keeper-Seeker-Seeker-Keeper), the last of those four was Tarma exploding on Arthur, so the Seekers had a 5-1 lead. The teams split the next two questions too, but unfortunately for the Keepers, Scarlet's question was a unicorn-induced explosion. The Seekers ended up winning 6-1, with neither of their players exploded!

The third game was possibly the fastest Quodpot game in recorded history, with the lowest possible score in a non-tied game. It lasted three questions: an Augurey actually meaning 'death' (or at least elimination) to knock out Will, Tarma scoring a single point that was colored bronze, and Shiloh getting knocked out by a Beater named Vulchanov. Tarma's score was the only one that counted, with the game ending up at 1-0 Keepers!

There was time for one last game, but it went somewhat differently. It was unexpected that the first question would once again be an explosion (this time The Unexpected Task got Scarlet out). The Seekers swept the next four questions for a 10-0 lead, and then gave all sorts of XXX-rated creatures on the next question (asking for an XXXX-rated creature) to avoid a known explosion. The Seekers got the next four questions too, but this only extended their lead to 14-0 because Will got exploded by some selkies. Six questions later, Tarma finally got the Keepers onto the board thanks to the Burrow, but that 'only' made the score 18-4. Four questions later, the game ended thanks to a Cho Chang-induced explosion for Tarma, with the Seekers ultimately winning 19-6.

The following people showed up: Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Shiloh Adlar, Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange!

In order to avoid conflicts with house games, the next pickup takes place in ONE WEEK in #quidditch, on...

Thursday, May 10 at 3:30 AM HOL!

Re: Quidditch Pickups... the 2017-18 Edition

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 6:08 am
by Will Lestrange
Last night's pickups were as fun as usual, with the debut of a game that really should have seen daylight a lot sooner!

Everyone began by giving their favorite answer to a Quidditch question: the answers chosen ranged from short (42 from Katelin; scarlet from Scarlet) to medium (sea lavender in a jam jar for Emma) to long ("he didn't think that werewolves killed and that they only turned you into one" for me; "the pest sub-division for the department for the regulation and control of magical creatures" for Tarma. But some began with S and others didn't, so we used that to demarcate our teams: S vs Other.

With out teams set, we began by bringing the Quaffle out with a quick 2v2 game... using the Cascade set! The "Other" team won comfortably, 50-10. But then the Quaffle went away in favor of the Quod, with teams maintained.

The Other team started the first Quodpot game by answering the first six questions and getting to a 7-0 lead, but the reason it's 7-0 is that the fourth question knocked out Will and the sixth knocked out Tarma. It only took four questions for the S team to complete a comeback, winning 10-7 with all their players still standing. The second game was even more lopsided on behalf of Team S: Will was exploded on the first question, and Scarlet got the next four right; though she was exploded, that gave Team S a 6-0 lead. We began with two quick rounds of Xany: one on the normal set and then one on the special Cascade set (once we switched to the Cascade game, we never went back). The next seven questions had four explosions, but the only one that caught anyone was the merrows knocking out Tarma, so Team S won 8-0.

Just before the third game, Katelin flew onto the pitch, and '42' placed her on Team Other: would that change the strategic balance? After the first four questions, it looked like 'yes' with Team Other leading 8-2. The next question, a known explosion, asked for SQT in Book 2, so we gave names of SQT members here in HOL during my second year. It took another five questions for an explosion, but by the time Tarma got exploded by Sirius Black, Team Other had already built a comfortable 15-5 lead. Three questions later, Will fell due to holly. While Team S got three of the next four questions (one of which was an unanswered explosion), the second consecutive explosion was a unicorn exploding Scarlet, with Team Other still leading 18-8. When Emma exploded four questions later, the final score was 22-8 in favor of Team Other. The next game began with two consecutive explosions (the Falmouth Falcons got Will; dilligrout got Scarlet) and ended five questions later when a Keeper exploded Emma, leaving the final score 6-3 in favor or Team Other.

Then Emma left for more adventures, leaving the teams lopsided at 3-1. A very quick game followed in which four of the nine questions were explosions: the first question had Hannah Abbott get Scarlet, the third had Warrington get Will, the eighth had Bellatrix get Katelin, and the last had Troy get Tarma. Final score: 5-0 Team Other.

For the last game I switched favorite answers to "slash open the knee of his jeans, leaving a deep cut" moving me to Team S. With the change in teams, Team S jumped to a 6-0 lead on the first three questions - and the score stayed 6-0 over the next three questions (two explosions in a row: an erkling got nobody but Will was Reverse Pass'd into an explosion). Over the next eleven questions, the 6-0 lead was extended to 16-2, with the only player eliminated being Tarma thanks to asphodel. But when Scarlet succumbed to some exploding Artefact Accidents, it was up to Katelin to see if she could erase the deficit. Eight questions and two dodged explosions later, Katelin had narrowed the gap to 16-8 only for The Third Task to be "avoiding explosions", which Katelin failed at on that question. And so Team S won the last round 16-8.

The following people showed up: Emma Borg, Katelin Ross, Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange!

The next game will be a day earlier than the normal 'weekend slot' in a bit over a week, right after the final match of the regular season...

Saturday, May 19 at 10:30 PM HOL!

Re: Quidditch Pickups... the 2017-18 Edition

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 3:45 am
by Will Lestrange
Right after the last game of the regular season, we had the chance to gather on the pitch for another fun round of pickups - and every house was represented!

We began with a new game: synchronized flying ("synchronised flying" if you prefer the British spelling ;)). In this game, everyone gets on their brooms to fly in accordance with a song playing in the background: this means that everyone has the same song up on YouTube and types what they hear in real time. (We accommodate for different typing speeds by having people play the song at 100%, 75%, or 50% speed depending on their skill; this means that people may finish at different times). The song of choice was "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol ("If I lay here//if I just lay here//would you lay with me and just forget the world?") and I was pleased to report that this flying exercise was a rousing success: everyone who attempted the flying exercise completed it with style within four and a half, six, or nine minutes! After that came two quick games of Xany: one using the normal set and one using the special Cascade set.

Then it was time to form teams for Quodpot: we described the weather where we were and then chose our teams based on Gertie Keddle's weather reports - was the weather closer to "Hot" or "Wet/Windy" where we were? That split brought us into two equal-sized teams of four people each. First we played a game of Quodpot with the regular set; despite a malfunctioning Quod refusing to knock people out when they were supposed to go out, the game ultimately ended with WetWindy comfortably beating the Hot team, 24 to 7. Would the Cascade set change things up? Will was exploded two questions into the game by Horcruxes, but not before giving his team, WetWindy a 1-0 lead. Would they hold onto it? No! Of the next three questions, Tarma answered one putting Hot up 2-1, and then Marcie was sent to the place "Where do Vanished Objects Go?" by an exploding Quod (so WetWindy had lost half of their team already). Six questions later, Ingvild felt the wrath of Augusta (Longbottom), leaving Kaitlyn (who had scored 4/5 of her team's points at that point) as the last surviving member of WetWindy. At that point, the Hot team was up 8-5 with all of their players left, but wouldn't stay that way for long: the Hot team would answer 10 of the next 11 questions (with the last one unanswered). However, three of those ten questions would knock out each member of the Hot team in turn: first the Tchamba Charmers would explode Pat, then Minerva McGonagall would knock out Katelin, and finally A Place to Hide proved to be anything but for Tarma. That said, the Hot team had extended their lead to 21-5 by that point. After two questions went unanswered, Shiloh (the last remaining Hot player) would fall to Septimus (Weasley), making the question: "Can Kaitlyn erase a sixteen point lead by herself?" At first it looked like she could; after artfully dodging St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries (and the nonexploding Lynch), three correct answers narrowed the lead to 21-14 after which she dodged Maisie (Cattermole) exploding. After hiding away from two more questions, another correct answer brought her to 21-17... at which point she hid some more, avoiding an exploding Padfoot and a non-exploding Midnight Duel. The Unforgivable Curses would get WetWindy within 21-19, followed by two straight explosions. While Kaitlyn successfully dodged The Advance Guard, it would be Albus Dumbledore that finally got her, giving the Hot team a narrow 21-19 win.

A fresh Quod was brought out for the final game of the day, and at first it looked like the WetWindy team would run away with it. After all, they got five of the first eight questions to WetWindy's one, rushing them out to a 10-1 lead (although the fourth question of the match did cause an OUTSTANDING explosion of Will). And then Tarma got exploded by Fred (ironic considering how much a fan she was of his work), followed by three unanswered questions. Katelin then answered the next two questions - which caused her to explode on Igor Karkaroff, but not before narrowing the WetWindy lead to 10-5. The next two questions went to WetWindy players, but only one point was scored: the Plumpton Pass exploded Marcie. At this point, WetWindy led 11-5 with Kaitlyn and Ingvild still standing for them, while the Hot team had only Shiloh and Pat remaining. Of the next five questions, Pat answered three of them (no one else answered any); while he narrowed the gap to 11-9, the Swedish Short-Snout got him in the end. Of the next four questions, Kaitlyn got three and one was unanswered, though that was only enough to expand WetWindy's lead to 13-9 thanks to two explosions: The Dementor (which was thankfully avoided) and Ivanova (which got Kaitlyn). Then, after an unanswered question, it was Shiloh's question to shine: getting three questions in a row ending with meeting a bad end due to exploding Nosebleed Nougat, but not before giving the Hot team their first lead of the match, 14-13. That would be how the match ended, as Ingvild exploded on the very next question on behalf of Alecto (Carrow)... so the Hot team ended up pulling it out again!

The following people showed up: Ingvild Ogden, Kaitlyn Nightingale, Katelin Ross, Marcie Hobber, Patrick James, Shiloh Adlar, Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange!

The next pickup - and probably the final one of the academic year - will be in just over two weeks, on...

Sunday, June 3 at 10 PM HOL!

Re: Quidditch Pickups... the 2017-18 Edition

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 1:59 am
by Will Lestrange
Last evening featured the final pickup session of the academic schoolyear as eight of us visited the pitch to play with cauldrons and Quods!

First we strapped cauldrons on our heads for two rounds of Creaothceann: one round with the regular question set and one with the Cascade set. Both of these rounds involved Cody's modification which meant that if you answered a question correct for one boulder, you were ineligible to attempt the next one.

But then, in light of seeing both a brand-new player and a number of veterans, we divided people up by the year they joined HOL. Pretty much half of the remaining players joined in an odd numbered year and the other half joined in an even-numbered year, so that gave us the teams for the evening as we prepared our Quod for Quodpot. Little did we know that the Quod would be even more explosive and temperamental than usual this evening... but, of course, this allowed us the chance to complete five games in record time!

The first two games were played on the regular set. Although the Odd team answered four of the first five questions correctly (and the other question, 'about anti-jinx' varnish on Ron's Cleansweep handle, was unanswered) all it got them was two points and two eliminations: Will fell to beehives and Tarma fell to 4 PM. After Shadow narrowed the gap to 2-1, two straight explosions: the Erumpent horn on Shiloh (for the Even team) and chocolate on Scarlet (the last person standing on the Odd team) meant that Even needed just one more question to win... two questions later, Shadow used Cho Chang to give Even a 3-2 win. The second game started even more dominantly for the Odd team, with them getting eight of the first nine questions (and the unanswered one was a known explosion). Unfortunately, that also came with two explosions: Will was sent "right, straight, left" past a troll and into an explosion on the very first question - and Tarma was knocked out by Rubeus Hagrid seven questions later. That was still enough to give Odd a commanding 11-0 lead, though... but when Scarlet fell in an 'outstanding' way two questions later, that allowed Alexandra (in her first day on the pitch) and Shadow to combine for 12 points and yet another win!

We then moved back to the Cascade set for the final three matches of the day. The first match began with four correct answers from the Odd side, but - of course - with Scarlet falling to Artefact Accidents and Will falling to Roger Davies (which has to be RQT's revenge for that earlier match when Shiloh got exploded by SQTers), that just meant a 3 point lead with only Tarma standing for the Odd side. After three straight unanswered questions (thanks to Ritchie Coote, Vulchanov, and fizzing whizbees) and then three questions split between Tarma and Shadow, Tarma was knocked out by Dobby's treat: The Rogue Bludger. At this point, Even trailed 5-1 with both of their players remaining. Sure enough, answering three of the next four questions without explosions (Alexandra earned four points on the last question at The Leaky Cauldron) gave Even their third straight win of the night.

The next match was possibly the second-quickest match in Quodpot history: although Odd got the first three questions correct, all three were explosions (which happens 0.8% of the time). Tarma got knocked out by her last name, 'black', followed Will being defeated by Magical Drafts and Potions and Scarlet succumbing to a Peruvian Vipertooth. The Even team needed just one more question to win; while the next question was unanswered thanks to The Tale of the Three Brothers, Alexandra claimed the win on The Worst Birthday: final score, 2-0 (just five questions in).

There was time for just one final match: once again, it looked like it was beginning in Odd's favor. Odd answered nine of the first ten questions of the match (the exception being a known explosion) so even though Will fell to 'planner' on Question 3 and Scarlet ironically (in light of the fact that she is HOL's primary expert on Boggarts) fell to The Boggart in the Wardrobe four questions later, that still gave Odd a comfortable 13-0 lead. This was followed by nobody knowing "where do vanished objects go" or recognizing a runespoor, and Alexandra finally putting Even on the scoreboard with a single point thanks to wormwood. Tarma then got the next three questions, though the last one involved her exploding thanks to some 'special' toffee eclairs. But at that point, Shadow had to leave the pitch - meaning it was up to Alexandra to see if she could erase an 18-1 deficit. Unfortunately for her, she exploded three questions later thanks to Ludo Bagman. This gave Odd their only win of the night, 18-2 (ironically, both teams had even numbered scores).

The following people showed up: Alexandra Steele, Emma Borg, Katelin Ross, Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Shadow Gaunt, Shiloh Adlar, Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange!

Even though this was the last pickup of the season, we still have all sorts of exciting things in store on the pitch for the summer, so stay tuned!