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Official Quidditch Schedule, 2017-2018

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:30 am
by Prof. Cosmo B. Mott
Captains, please try and edit in your refs, whose contact information has been added to the referee thread, at least a week before the game; the QB will try and do the same.

2017-2018 Quidditch Schedule
(Subject to reschedules)

All games are held at 9PM HOL time. Click here for the current HOL time.

November 11: Hufflepuff (420){S} versus Gryffindor (140) - Quaffle Ref: Darcey; Snitch Ref: Gryffindor forfeit (Prof. Arielle Lemoyne); QB: Will; Stats

December 16: Hufflepuff (340){S} versus Slytherin (480) - Quaffle Ref: Arielle; Snitch Ref: Gail; QB: Cody; Stats

January 13: Slytherin (510){S} versus Gryffindor(0) - Quaffle Ref: Shiloh; Snitch Ref: Gryffindor forfeit (Katelin Ross); QB: Arielle; Stats
January 14 (Sunday): Slytherin (560){S} versus Ravenclaw (170) - Quaffle Ref: Dario; Snitch Ref: Katelin; QB: Tarma; Stats
January 20: Ravenclaw (360){S} versus Hufflepuff (140) - Quaffle Ref: Dario; Snitch Ref: Cody; QB: Will; Stats

February: Reschedules, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... and! ... Winter Snitch Tournament
Feb 24: Gryffindor (20) versus Ravenclaw (380){S} - Quaffle Ref: Marcie; Snitch Ref: Gryff forfeit (Darcey); QB: Tarma; Stats

March 10: Hufflepuff (90) versus Ravenclaw (270){S} - Quaffle Ref: Cosmo; Snitch Ref: Will; QB: Cody; Stats
March 17*: Gryffindor (10) versus Slytherin (610) {S} - Quaffle Ref: Marcie; Snitch Ref: Gryff forfeit (Gail); QB: Tarma; Stats

April 14: Slytherin (580){S} versus Hufflepuff (20) - Quaffle Ref: Arielle; Snitch Ref: Maxim; QB: Arielle

May 12: Ravenclaw (180){S} versus Slytherin (500) - Quaffle Ref: Marcie; Snitch Ref: Katelin; QB: Tarma
May 13: Ravenclaw (410){S} versus Gryffindor (80) - Quaffle Ref: Will; Snitch Ref: Gryff forfeit (Katelin); QB: Tarma
May 19: Gryffindor (70) versus Hufflepuff (360){S} - Quaffle Ref: Cody; Snitch Ref: Gryff forfeit (Gail); QB: Will

June 10: Last day rescheduled games may be played
June 16: Playoff game (if needed)

*Note: Because of differences between the starts of Summer/Daylight Saving time, this match, if not rescheduled, may not happen when you expect it to.

Re: Official Quidditch Schedule, 2017-2018

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:46 am
by Will Lestrange
House points are different from game points. The game points are posted above and here are the House Points that will be added to the points of the Houses. This will be edited after each game.

November 11: Hufflepuff - 400; Gryffindor - 100
December 16: Hufflepuff - 150; Slytherin - 350
January 13: Slytherin - 400; Gryffindor - 100
January 14: Slytherin - 400; Ravenclaw - 100
January 20: Ravenclaw - 400; Hufflepuff - 100
February 24: Ravenclaw - 400; Gryffindor - 100
March 10: Hufflepuff - 100; Ravenclaw - 400
March 17: Gryffindor - 100; Slytherin - 400
April 14: Slytherin - 400; Hufflepuff - 100
May 12: Slytherin - 350; Ravenclaw - 150
May 13: Gryffindor - 100; Ravenclaw - 400
May 19: Gryffindor - 100; Hufflepuff - 400

Re: Official Quidditch Schedule, 2017-2018

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 4:59 am
by Prof. Cosmo B. Mott

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Rank   Team         Games     Scores      Diff   Points
1      Slytherin      6      3240-720    +2520    18 
2      Ravenclaw      6      1770-1390    +380    12
3      Hufflepuff     6      1370-1900    -530     6
4      Gryffindor     6       320-2690   -2270     0

Re: Official Quidditch Schedule, 2017-2018

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:25 am
by Will Lestrange
2017-2018 MVP winners:

November 11: Prof. Zenix James
<@WillLiam> The MVP award this game was unusually hard to give; plenty of new and returning faces gave exciting performances today.
<@WillLiam> But for coming out of retirement to keep up with every player on the opposing defense,
<@WillLiam> and scoring more goals this game than her entire team scored last season,
<@WillLiam> the MVP award will go to PROFESSOR ZENIX JAMES!

December 16: Aurelia West
<@Sandy> IS...........
<@Sandy> .......

January 13: Emma Borg
[14:14:52] * @Shiloh steps up all nervous like to announce our MVP for today's game
[14:15:05] <@Shiloh> because my heart is pounding that i have to speak like this in front of a whole quidditch pitch of people!
[14:15:10] * @Shiloh takes a deep breath
[14:15:31] <@Shiloh> AFTER CAREFUL DELIBERATION (which was actually a very quick decision)

January 14: Darcey Goode
[14:25:24] <@Dario> Drumroll, please?
[14:26:07] <@WillLiam> drumrolls
[14:26:08] <@Dario> No one?
[14:26:09] * @WillLiam drumrolls
[14:26:11] <@Tarma> drumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrum
[14:26:16] <Katelin> drumrollllllllllll
[14:26:21] * +Kendra beats on desk
[14:26:37] <@Dario> [23:24:16] <Dario> It just take a lot of courage to face 3 chasers.
[14:26:45] <@Dario> [23:24:00] <Dario> Had it not been for Goode, the difference might have been much narrower in either team's favour.
[14:26:48] <@Dario> GOODE!

January 20: Shiloh Adlar
[17:21:14] <+Sirius> more drumrolllllllll?
[17:21:27] <@Cody> for her skill and perseverance in today's match
[17:21:29] <@Dario> DRUMROLL!
[17:21:33] <@Cody> today's MOST VALUABLE PLAYER award goes to
[17:21:42] <@TheQueenNiffler> oh wow...

February 24: Pavel Lagrange
[14:19:59] <@Marcie> Hear hear! The MVP is ready! :D
[14:20:42] <@Marcie> For amazingly quick play! For impressing everyone with their knowledge of HP-trivia!
[14:20:45] <@Marcie> Pavel Lagrange!

March 10: Maxim Trevelyan
[17:22:21] <@Cosmo> Tonight's MVP award goes to someone who managed an impressive number of blocks against formidable chasers, someone who didn't even seem to mind that the ref misprounced their name at the beginning of the match.
[17:22:49] <@Cosmo> Congratulations to MAXIM TREVELYAN!!

March 17: Will Lestrange
[15:11:25] <@Tarma> DRUMROLL!!!!!!!!!
[15:11:37] * @DeadWood drumrolls
[15:11:44] <Katelin> DRUMROLLLLLL
[15:11:44] * @Cody drumroll
[15:11:48] <@Marcie> For their amazing speed (I hardly saw them coming) and trivia-knowledge..
[15:11:54] <@Marcie> MVP goes to ...
[15:12:01] <@Marcie> WILL LESTRANGE!

April 14: Hope Stark
[14:23:38] <@Arielle> Slytherin had an exceptionally strong defense, holding Huffpuff to a very low score...
[14:23:41] <@DeadBody> ::drumroll::
[14:23:43] <@Arielle> We were particuarly impressed with.....
[14:23:45] <@Arielle> HOPE STARK!!

May 12: Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
14:19:36] <@Tarma> drumroll
[14:19:45] <@Tarma> drumroll
[14:19:56] <+Shadow> Ooh
[14:19:59] <@Tarma> DRUMROLL
[14:20:02] * +Gail waits at the edge of her seat
[14:20:04] <+Shadow> OOH
[14:20:06] <Katelin> MVP TIME!!
[14:20:42] * @WillLiam drumrolls
[14:20:47] <Katelin> For their amazing defensive play!
[14:20:52] * +Gail waits with bated breath
[14:21:00] <Katelin> Blocking over and over again and keeping Ravenclaw at bay!
[14:21:05] * +Shadow is jumping up and down
[14:21:08] <@Tarma> \o/
[14:21:17] <Katelin> Today's MVP goes to.....
[14:21:27] <Katelin> SCARLET LESLIE LEWIS!!!

May 13: Shadow Gaunt
[14:13:48] <@Tarma> starting a drum roll
[14:13:50] <@Tarma> very very slow
[14:13:55] * Shadow is now known as Shadow|AFK
[14:13:59] <Katelin> drumrollllll
[14:14:04] <@Tarma> DRUMROLL
[14:14:18] <+Gail> wooop wooop! give it up !
[14:14:51] <@WillLiam> the game started out very exciting, with no team really able to pull out in front
[14:15:17] * Shadow|AFK is now known as Shadow (someone had gone after Shadow POKE POKE GET BACK IN THERE)
[14:15:18] <@WillLiam> until a newer player flew onto the pitch, with a name all fans should start to remember
[14:15:57] <@WillLiam> with a double-digit number of blocks, each of which required out-answering three other players...
[14:16:04] <@WillLiam> the MVP of today's game will go to SHADOW GAUNT!!!!!

May 19: Professor Tarma Amelia Black
[17:12:46] <@WillLiam> also, can i get a drumroll?
[17:12:50] <+Lynx> thank you<3
[17:12:53] <+Lynx> DRUMROLLLL
[17:12:53] <+Mazur> drumrollllllll
[17:12:59] <+Lynx> DUM DUM DUM
[17:13:04] * @PatrickJames drumrollsss
[17:13:23] <+Cal> drummmmmmm
[17:13:49] <@Cody> MVP was decided pretty quickly because this player was particularly dominant today
[17:13:54] <@Cody> MVP goes to...
[17:14:00] <@Cody> MISS TARMA!

Re: Official Quidditch Schedule, 2017-2018

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:10 pm
by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black
Remember, everyone, about Daylight Savings Time. Some folks have it now and others won't have it for another couple of weeks. This means that you might need to 'schedule' your game time for this coming weekend (March 17th - Gryff vs Slyth).

Cosmo made up a nifty thing that you can click and see what time the game will be for you - click.

Basically, House games are held same time as always in England (9 PM HOL time). If you live where Daylight Savings has taken effect, you will be playing (or observing) an hour later than the stated game time (ie if in Eastern USA, game time is 5 PM and not 4 PM; if on Pacific Coast, game will be 2 PM and not 1 PM).

Note: Also, if you are involved in the Snitch Tournament, be aware of that -- everyone involved in games for the next couple of weeks need to check with the 'actual' time and HOL time to make sure you make that game when it actually occurs.