Quidditch Spirit Award Winners, Spring 2015

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Quidditch Spirit Award Winners, Spring 2015

Postby Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis » Sun Jun 21, 2015 11:02 pm

Time to wrap up the 2014-2015 season with Quidditch Spirit Awards!

First, I’d like to recognize those who consistently answered the Unfogging the Quidditch Pitch questions throughout the year. It certainly made my Sunday evening “Omg, I still need Unfogging questions” realizations worthwhile. Thank you and I hope you had fun!

Alyssa Whitten
Arielle Lemoyne
Dolly Frazer
Hannah R. Thomas
Kim Alting
Patrick James
Polaris Black
Will Lestrange
Wraith Ternarius


“Biggest cheerleader on HOL hands down” - Kaiwa Alexandra. “Even when she's not able to play, Kai is always up and ready to cheer on her team (even despite the time zone as well!), and is an incredibly supportive person on and off the field.”

“I have seen Bull J. Johnson around cheering for his team at times. Plus, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone more pro-Slytherin, even outside of Quidditch.”

Dolly Frazer “is one of the rare few and has been super supportive of RQT and is a fantastic cheerleader / dodge reminder-er.”

Also nominated: Ashley Margaret, Kyrie Adderholt, Matilde Rayne, Arielle Lemoyne, Polaris Black, Tarma Black

Superb Supporter
“As much as Cosmo B. Mott enjoys her not-playing, she always seems to be around when Quidditch is happening.”

Kyrie Adderholt “truly loves the sport, enjoys watching/playing, and is a fantastic supporter of Quidditch.” “I personally get my confidence boosted to 150% if she's around. She's my personal good luck charm.”

Ryan Granger “might not play Quidditch, but certainly has come up with some ideas to freshen the game up a bit to help make it fun for more people.”

Also nominated: Cody Lewis, Jenny Lupin, Tarma Black

Fan Favorite
Edmund Smethwyck “takes the positions that no one else wants and plays them with class and endless effort.” “He surprises me in many ways. And I'm a fan (who's not?!)”

Also nominated: Cody Lewis, Matilde Rayne, Sirius Fudge, Tarma Black, Tom Foster, Will Lestrange

“No matter how many players GQT might lose or how bad they might lose, Jenny Lupin shows up and leads her team and that deserves acknowledgement.”

Askeron Kyle “has been around Quidditch for ages and not made any major enemies. She might be a saint.” “I honestly don’t think I could think of a single bad thing to say about her.”

“I have enormous respect for Matilde Rayne both on and off the Quidditch pitch.” “She always tries to do the right thing and be fair to everyone.”

Will Lestrange is “very polite and respectful.” “He looks beyond what team you are or what house you are in.”

Also nominated: Edmund Smethwyck, Arielle Lemoyne, Kyrie Adderholt, Marcie Hobber, Opal Curare, Rosemarie Halliwell, Scarlet Leslie, Sirius Fudge, Tom Foster

Rising Star
Shiloh Adlar “scored a goal in her very first game.” “Super impressed with her stepping up to seek at the last minute with next to no time to prepare!” “She can also be quite fast, and I can't wait to see her get some more practice and really show off that speed in the future.”

Artemisia Delacroix is “so new to the game, but has already proven that she loves being on the Quidditch pitch.”

Also nominated: Will Lestrange, Wraith Ternarius

Golden Whistle
Marcie Hobber “always steps up when we need a ref and does a phenomenal job.” “Things always go smoothly with her” because she “refs in a calm, deliberate manner, yet fairly rapid manner.” “But above all else, she put up with Lagrange vs. Lestrange.”

“I adore Zoki Phantom for stepping in to ref for Hufflepuff!” “He doesn't play quidditch and would probably set you on fire if you tried to get him to, but he still shows up to ref when HQT needs him.”

Ashley Margaret is “flexible and always willing to fill in at the last minute!”

Also nominated: Matilde Rayne, Cosmo B. Mott, Wraith Ternarius

“You need reason for this? Seriously?” “Just because Cody Lewis is annoyingly fast.”

Also nominated: Ashley Margaret, Thomas Lewis, Edmund Smethwyck

“I think Jenny Lupin would prefer to be Seeking every game, but I think it's great that she's willing to do whatever her team needs her to do.”

Lilly Anderson has “really come out of her comfort zone playing all positions this year!”

Matilde Rayne “split her time evenly between chaser and beater this year. I feel like she’s also always willing to keep when no one else wants to.”

“Taking on chaser, keeper, and seeker, Will Lestrange is able to put his talent to use wherever he is needed.” “He can seek or do any quaffle position and excel.”

Also nominated: Edmund Smethwyck, Cody Lewis, Ashley Margaret, Marcie Hobber, Shiloh Adlar

Dynamic Duo
Ashley Margaret & Kyrie Adderholt “work well together.” “These two are hilarious on and off the pitch, but on the pitch, they're a force to be reckoned with.”

Cody Lewis & Scarlet Leslie “have been extremely active in keeping Quidditch in the forefront with their NAPs games.” “Quidditch OTP.”

Arielle Lemoyne & Matilde Rayne “are an amazing team when playing and even better one as captains.” “In the game vs HQT, together they blocked the chasers over 80% of the time.”

Also nominated: Matilde Rayne & Pavel Lagrange, Jenny Lupin & Tom Foster, Opal Curare & Rosemarie Halliwell

Friendly Rivalry
Pavel Lagrange & Will Lestrange: “Their last names and the mass confusion.” “Lagrange vs Lestrange during RQT vs SQT hurt my head.”

Also nominated: Cody Lewis & Edmund Smethwyck, Cody Lewis & Scarlet Leslie, Matilde Rayne & Pavel Lagrange, Ashley Margaret & Matilde Rayne, Scarlet Leslie & Wraith Ternarius



Arielle Lemoyne - “Arielle genuinely is a friendly person, always plays her best, and cares about the game.” [Sportsmanship]

Cody Lewis & Scarlet Leslie - “As long as we're still competing against each other, our games will be decided by whether or not I can score faster than she catches.” [Friendly Rivalry]

Jenny Lupin & Tom Foster - “We just had a game where these two represented Gryffindor by themselves and I really admired how they stuck with it and kept trying despite having no other players.” [Dynamic Duo]

Marcie Hobber - “Dynamite seeker and she can play quaffle to boot!” [Wildcard]

Matilde Rayne - “She has only reffed once and she wasn't prepared for it at all, but she took just the right amount of time between questions and dealt with the whole thing like a pro.” [Golden Whistle]

Rosemarie Halliwell - “I've never heard an unkind word from her, and she's been friendly and respectful every time I've spoken to her.” [Sportsmanship]

Tarma Black - “I might not 100% agree with her all of the time (but who can say that about anyone, really? The world would be quite boring if everyone always agreed, lol), but I do believe she genuinely likes the game and wants to make it better, and I respect that immensely.” [Superb Supporter]

Tom Foster - “It's impossible to not root for that guy.” [Fan Favorite]

Will Lestrange - “Not that I didn't see this coming, but Will's quietly become a Quidditch monster. How many MVPs did he win this year, again?” [Rising Star]

Wraith Ternarius - “Allows the games to be entertaining and hit high points.” [Golden Whistle] “He has become a great asset to SQT's lineup.” [Rising Star]


Congratulations to all winners!! Have an awesome summer!!

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