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Postby Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis » Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:45 pm

Quidditch Spirit Award Winners!

Thank you to all players who sent in nominations! Captains (and others) are to be commended on hassling their teams to send in nominations. Based on majority votes, the following people received awards:


I think SQT is trying to steal Edmund Smethwyck with all their great comments about him, but he does exhibit a positive attitude during games in the team channel and also after matches. He is willing to play whatever position RQT asks of him and as one nominater notes, "I've never once seen him boast about how good he is."

Other team captains mention that Askeron Kyle is always friendly and fair when it comes to refchan for quidditch games. Asky is always kind and polite to everyone.

Fumei Shirokuro plays simply for the fun of it and to help out GQT when they are short players. She's got such an amazing attitude about things and never gets down. "She is always inspiring our players to keep trying and keep giving heart even when we're outmatched."

Opal Curare always has a positive attitude and "I don’t think she has ever said a mean thing about anyone." "She hates conflict and loves people getting along."

Also nominated: Scarlet Leslie, Jenny Lupin, Sirius Fudge, Tarma Black, Ashley Margaret, Flavia Mellark, Kaiwa Alexandra, Marcie Hobber, Rosemarie Halliwell, Thomas Lewis, Alexander Greb

Rising Star

With his terrifying typing speed and logic ability, Will Lestrange has caught everyone's eye and earned the most nominations in this category. It is rare to find someone who can score goals alongside super fast chasers AND catch the snitch in his first season.

Part of the GQT trio that took on SQT, Tom Foster surprised everyone with an early goal.

"Can I just say this girl is awesome?" Guinevere Avalon botted minimally and had just joined GQT ~1 week prior to playing in the GQT/SQT game. She didn't even know she was going to play until about 5 minutes before the game. With all that stacked against her, she still got TWO huge blocks vs SQT. If she keeps up like this, with some practice, she'll definitely be a star.

I feel like I'm always trying to catch up to her in botting points! Kaiwa Alexandra has shown so much improvement. She has to wake up at odd times for practice, but she makes most of them. She really is RQT's biggest fan, whether she is playing or cheering. But, as long as she's botting, I have time to steal cookies from her *g*

Also nominated: Sirius Fudge, Askeron Kyle, Matilde Rayne, Romy Wolke

Golden Whistle

As Tarma said, "Refs who know how to pace a game, keep their cool, if they make an ooops, they catch it and stay cool, just a pleasure to be with as QB or as a player."

Ashley Margaret "is quick and accurate, which keeps the game moving along at a good pace. So basically, she’s everything a good ref should be, and that’s really, really appreciated." "She's fast, can process spam pretty quickly, and is utterly fair!" "Whenever Ashley is reffing, I know I can expect a smooth match, with any problems corrected quickly and fairly."

Amy Charz showed immense patience before the SQT/GQT game. "I really appreciated the swiftness in which she reffed – we never had to wait around for her between questions. She knew what she was doing."

Marcie Hobber reffed the intense SQT/RQT match. It went smoothly and was amazing to watch. For the other match Marcie reffed, Fumei mentions that "she was stuck with me in the ref channel. Which is something."

Also nominated: Rosemarie Halliwell, Arielle Lemoyne, Missa Matz, Cosmo Mott


"Man I hate this guy. A bludger is just meant for him." Garnering the MOST nominations out all of the categories is Cody Lewis. Both opponents and teammates know that "he is faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo and has one of the best qset knowledge out of all of HOL." "He is just ridiculously fast sometimes, though, so I’d not complain if he were to… need to take a short break every so often. Or a long one. ><"

Also nominated: Edmund Smethwyck, Amy Charz, Tarma Black, Eno Thomas, Thomas Lewis


From the above award, it isn't a huge shock that Cody Lewis is commended for his chasing.

Amy Charz continues to be one of Ravenclaw's best players and one of HOL's top chasers. "I would probably say she has the best trivia knowledge of anyone I know."

Sirius Fudge has settled into his role as Hufflepuff's chaser. He "managed 11 goals and a 31% hit rate! That's really great considering he's going up against machine-like beaters and keepers, AND being bludgered 3 times! Crazy!"

Also nominated: Edmund Smethwyck, Allison Sullivan, Thomas Lewis, Kaiwa Alexandra

Human Bludger

"HOL's most reliable beater with a block percentage over 60%!" Ashley Margaret has been on her game this season! "Nothing more frustrating than encountering the wall she puts up. Seriously, she types too fast!"

Matilde Rayne has found a role beating for Ravenclaw this season. Both teammates and opponents marvel at her trivia knowledge: "sometimes I think she's a robot because she knows all the answers."

Also nominated: Askeron Kyle, Angel Pevensie, Eno Thomas, Pavel Lagrange

Hoop Guardian

Even though he is chasing more this season, I know his heart lies with the hoops! Edmund Smethwyck "turns into such a freakface when he’s on broom!" With so many nominations, other teams must want to see Edmund keeping. Or as Tarma kindly put it, "GO BACK TO KEEPING!"

Tarma Black has a tough job keeping against crazy chasers like Cody and Edmund. She is the only keeper to have played all three games. She really shined with a blocking percentage over 80% against GQT.

Also nominated: Opal Curare, Thomas Lewis, Amy Charz, Eno Thomas, Jenny Lupin, Allison Sullivan

Gridlock Logician

"I don’t think it’s possible to think about seeking on HOL and not think of Scarlet Leslie. But, really, she has such enthusiasm for it, and she’s always encouraging others to try out seeking. Given the importance of drawing in new players, those are fantastic qualities."

Also nominated: Ashley Margaret, Missa Matz, Jenny Lupin, Marcie Hobber, Will Lestrange

Extra Entermusements:

Allison Sullivan – An odd nomination, perhaps, since she didn’t manage any blocks during her game playing keeper – but I tend to find that half the job of playing keeper is in keeping nerves under control. Alls was definitely brave and didn’t give up during that game, and that’s worth noting.

Amy Charz - Because every RQT'er would like to bludger Charz at one point or another!

Missa Matz - I have to nominate Missa because she's been a super trooper given GQT's distinct lack of refs, my ridiculous work schedule, also balancing QB duties AND still doing all of this with her own crazy busy schedule. The fact that she's so willing and dedicated and also refs very fair games means she definitely deserves a golden (and purple!) whistle.

Alexander Greb – I said “ggâ€￾ after the only game I played this year so 100% of the time I am being sportsman-like.


We are looking forward to an eventful second half of the season. All these awards will be back at the end of the season and if you have any suggestions for new categories, please let us know!

People new to HOL (or people who have never tried quidditch, really… it took me 8 years >>) should find out how to join their House teams. Maybe YOU will be on this list in a few months!
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Postby Prof. Tarma Amelia Black » Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:39 am

Thank you, Scarlet for this brilliant idea of how to honor people besides those we'd wish to exterminate who play Quidditch yet aren't quite insane enough to do the MVP route. And then thank you for the follow-through of posting, tabulating all the votes (and there were a LOT) and, well, completing the process. Taking the cake out of the oven and sharing it (to use a baking phrase a la the CassieButterfly).

Quidditch is made of bunches of people with all kinds of skill levels and yet, somehow, we play. And we have fun, too!

Isn't that great?

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Postby Prof. Opal Curare » Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:36 am

I'd like to thank everyone who voted for Quidditch Spirit Awards. It's so great have a community come together to recognize the hard work and commitment of HOL Quidditch players. Along those lines, I'd also like to thank everyone who plays Quidditch, refs games, serves on QB, comes to watch Quiddy games, follows their House Team, and in any way shape or form cares about Quidditch. I know that there is always stress and drama related to Quidditch, but in so many ways it is such a great game and it really does have the power to unite people with one common interest.

Also, thank you to the Quiddy Gods for deciding that the Sportsmanship Award should be purple. Much appreciated ^_^


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Postby Kaiwa Alexandra » Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:16 pm

Smh, Scarlet.
I thought we have an agreement with the cookies.
(Jk. I snuck out some of yours too while you're busy catching shiny snitches :P )

Anyway, thanks!
And congrats to all other Quiddy freaks!
Quidditch rules.

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