Herbology Spring Term

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Herbology Spring Term

Postby Prof. Zoki Phantom » Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:33 pm

Welcome to the class forum for Herbology!

Here you will be able to get class updates and find out the grades for the work you have submitted.
Please make sure to visit the Classroom as well: Herbology Site

And just as a general note, before asking a question please first check the F.A.Q. page! In case you can't find you answer there, you are more than free to ask your question here on the forum in the appropriate thread, or simply contact me directly (PM, HOL message, or p2p on IRC).

This term we have a few differences from last time the class was offered. The Introductory Assignment is not mandatory (technically no assignment is). The deadline for all assignments is the 1st of every new month. For example, the deadline for the intro assignment is March 1st. The only exception to this is the last assignment which will be due June 20th. No class work will be accepted beyond June 20th.

Welcome and good luck!

Prof. Zoki Phantom

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