Herbology Autumn 2013/14

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Herbology Autumn 2013/14

Postby Prof. Zoki Phantom » Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:14 pm

Quill Recipients:
Aliya Mellark - Acceptable
Ashleigh Branshood - Outstanding
Astrid Armstrong - Acceptable
Becca Wright - Acceptable
Chase Aldomi - Acceptable
Ember Starsong - Outstanding
Emma Borg - Acceptable
Eno Thomas - Acceptable
Ikah Swan - Exceeds Expectations
Kai Chang - Exceeds Expectations
Malandra Ackerley - Acceptable
Marty Flower - Acceptable
Rose Bellevoire - Outstanding
Scarlett Lacarnum - Outstanding
Zachary Jameson - Exceeds Expectations

Shining Star of Hard Work Award Recipients:
Ashleigh Branshood
Ember Starsong
Ikah Swan
Kai Chang
Rose Bellevoire
Scarlett Lacarnum
Zachary Jameson

Greenhouse Keeper Award Recipients:
Ashleigh Branshood
Ember Starsong
Rose Bellevoire
Scarlett Lacarnum

Special Achievement in Herbology Award Recipients:
Rose Bellevoire
Scarlett Lacarnum

All points and quills have been submitted and the class has been closed. The awards will be submitted sometime soon (over the next few days). Thanks for being wonderful students, as always. :D

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