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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:18 pm
by Prof. Neville Prongs
You are welcome to introduce yourself to the class here. Make sure you are accepted into the class before posting. If you are not logged into the forum when you make your post or you have not been accepted into the class yet, your post will be deleted and you will need to repost at another time. Remember you need to have completed both terms of the Beginners class or be a fourth year ot above in order to be accepted into the class.

I will start. My name is Prof. Neville Prongs and I am a new Slytherin Professor. I tend to be very quiet and this is my fourth year of teaching. I also teach Beginners DADA and Dragons. This year I've only decided to take 3-4 classes. In real life I am 42 years old and work as an IT guy at a local community service board. I thank you all for deciding to take this class and I hope we have a good year together.