Final Award Presentation

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Final Award Presentation

Post by Prof. Zenix James » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:26 pm

Every term I thoroughly go through all assignments and weigh them against all of the other assignments and extra credit I have received.

Why do I do this? Because at the end of term only one student will receive an award for outstanding contributions to the class.

I have chosen this particular student because of the thought, hard work, and ingenious ideas they put into their work. I was amazed and found these submissions highly enjoyable every time I read them. This student even taught me a few things and helped me think beyond my normal thoughts. I normally think far outside the box, so this was an impressive feat.

Class, please congratulate Sky Alton of Gryffindor for being awarded the WMMC Fall Term award. It is well deserved and I am so proud to present it.

Also, thank you everyone who continued with this class. You submissions were insightful and wonderfully put together. I may be opening the sister class to this one, WMMC II, depending on time constraints, so keep an eye out.

Congratulations, Sky Alton.
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